Mourão denies resignation and says he remains in government ‘until the end’ – Prime Time Zone


The relationship between the deputy and Jair Bolsonaro (no party) was once again the target of speculation after the president said that the general ‘sometimes in the way’

GABRIELA BILÓ/ESTADÃO CONTENTVice President Hamilton Mourão denied that he is disembarking from the government

the vice president Hamilton Mourao (PRTB) ruled out the possibility of resignation this Saturday, 31, by stating that he will continue in the government “until the end”. “Since 2018 I have been traveling in Brazil and many people say they voted for the JB-Mourão ticket because they trusted me. Out of respect for these people and myself, as I have never abandoned a mission, no matter the complications, I continue in this government until the end,” wrote the vice deputy. Jair Bolsonaro (no party) in a Twitter post.

The relationship between the president and the retired general was again the subject of speculation this week after Bolsonaro made fresh criticism of his partner saying that Mourão “sometimes in the way”. The head of the Executive also indicated that he should look for another name for the ticket if he runs for reelection in 2022. “Some say that a good deputy being from Minas Gerais, State of the Northeast, is another more aggregating profile for Brazil. Mourão does his job, he has great independence, sometimes he gets in the way a little. But the vice is like a brother-in-law, you get married and you have to put up with your brother-in-law at home, you can’t send him away,” he said.