Namalagundu is so negligent in road works ..!


Prime Time Zone, Secunderabad: Road construction work is in progress at Namalgund under Sitaphal Mandi Division. As the months went by things did not move forward. In addition to road construction works, old pipelines are being removed and new drainage and drinking water pipelines are being laid. This is causing severe delays in work. Passengers and pedestrians are having a hard time with the work going on from the name shave to the Friday market. Locals are outraged that the quality standards are not being adhered to due to lack of supervision by the authorities and that the contractors are acting arbitrarily. Still, locals want the work done faster.

Almost 40 days have passed since the road was dug but it is still not completed. Locals are also angry over the delay in road works due to GHMC works as well as aquaculture sewerage pipeline works. Pedestrians and motorists are facing severe difficulties with road construction work from Namalgund to Friday Market.

During the excavation of the old road, the pipelines burst and sewage overflowed on the roads. The locals got into a lot of trouble with this. On the other hand, Secunderabad MLA, Deputy Speaker Padma Rao Gowda said the work was not progressing fast as the concerned authorities had suggested that the road should be constructed without laying drainage pipes and drinking water pipes. Water authorities are laying new pipelines to meet the needs of the current population. As a result, road construction work is progressing slowly.

Locals, on the other hand, are incensed that contractors are acting recklessly and working with crumbling pipes. The upper boroughs want quality in their work. Many people are worried that the road construction work is getting dusty. Upper Basti residents still want the road construction work to be completed expeditiously.

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Prime Time Zone Career Namalagundu is so negligent in road works ..!

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