Negotiations for affiliation of Bolsonaro to the PP advance and parties are betting on a happy ending – Prime Time Zone


Two weeks ago, Ciro Nogueira sounded out state officials about the matter; head of the federal executive faces resistance from party leaders in the Northeast

MATEUS BONOMI/AGIF – PHOTOGRAPHY AGENCY/ESTADÃO CONTENTPresident Jair Bolsonaro has been without a party since November 2019, when he left the PSL

Negotiations for the President’s Membership Jair Bolsonaro to Progressives (PP) advanced in recent weeks. This is what the national commander of the acronym, federal deputy guarantees André Fufuca (PP-MA). In the report, the congressman stated that the majority of the party is in favor of the arrival of the country’s representative, who has been without a party since his departure from the PSL, in November 2019. “The conversations have advanced a lot in recent times. Today, 90% of the PP supports the affiliation,” Fufuca told Young pan. Despite his optimism, Bolsonaro has not set a date to give a response to the party leadership – he has until March 2022 to choose a party, should he want to run for re-election.

Two months ago, Fufuca, who took charge of the PP after the senator left Ciro Walnut (PP-PI) to the Civil House, said that the negotiation for the Bolsonaro’s affiliation was an “embryonic project”. Since then, the negotiations have evolved. On the 24th, Nogueira discussed this possibility with state leaders from Progressistas. The meeting was attended by federal deputies Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), who heads the party in Paraná; Dr. Luizinho (PP-RJ), president of the state directory of Rio de Janeiro; Neri Geller (PP-MT), who controls the subtitles in Mato Grosso; Celina Leão (PP-DF), ahead of the PP in the federal capital; and the secretary of Metropolitan Transport of the government of São Paulo, Alexandre Baldy, responsible for the directory of Goiás. According to reports, only the congresswoman from the DF presented contrary considerations.

Bolsonaro is resisted by PP leaders in the Northeast. These party members fear that the affiliation of the president of the Republic will make it difficult to sew regional support. In Bahia, for example, the vice-governor of the state, João Leão, is affiliated with Progressistas and is part of the PT Rui Costa’s ticket. In addition, members of the acronym rely on current polling intentions to, at least for now, reject the possibility of supporting the country’s representative. According to surveys released two weeks ago by Datafolha and Ipec, the company that replaced Ibope, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva would win Bolsonaro in an eventual runoff. Finally, there are those who defend that the legend prioritizes the growth of benches in the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate – currently, the acronym has 41 deputies and seven senators.