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New rules in the country from March 1 .. Rules changing from gas to Rs 2,000 notes .. KYC mandatory in SBI – New rules changing from march 1


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The new regulations will take effect nationwide from March 1. New rules have been introduced in a number of areas, from gas prices to banking services to vehicles.

New rules from march 1 : The new regulations will take effect nationwide from March 1. New rules have been introduced in a number of areas, from gas prices to banking services to vehicles. Find out what has changed since day one. Find out how much of a burden it is on you. Think about how to make plans accordingly. Let’s take a look at what has changed since March 1.

Gas prices

Almost every family in our country has LPG connection. Moreover, gas has become one of the most essential commodities for the family. As a result, the rise in LPG prices will have an impact on the lives of ordinary people. In the past, the Center used to decide to increase gas prices in the first week of every month. But, with the recent rise in international oil prices, there have been changes in the price hike. Gas prices were revised three times in February in the same order. However, the central government will no longer link gas prices with the rise in oil prices. The new rule will take effect on March 1. At present, the price of 14.2 kg of gas in the national capital is Rs 774.

Fastag Rules

Bad news for car lovers. Fastags will be available for free until February 28th. However, this facility will not be available from March 1. You have to spend the money in your pocket to take fastags. You have to pay Rs.100 for Fastag. If you do not recharge through Fastag you will no longer have to pay extra fine along the way. This provision will also come into force from March 1.

KYC is mandatory for SBI customers

State Bank has made KYC mandatory for customers to continue their services.

Do you have an account with State Bank of India, the largest bank in the country? However, consider this important note. Having an account with SBI .. Those who have not completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process can no longer avail any services through a bank account. That means no transactions can be handled. State Bank has previously issued a notice in this regard. Also sent SMS to customers.

Old HDFC Bank app closed

Private sector domestic giant HDFC Bank customers need to know this. The old HDFC Bank app will no longer work on your phone. The bank has already informed the customers about this. If you still use the old app .. Delete it immediately. Go to Google Play Store and download the new app for free. HDFC Bank has stated that it will be discontinuing services through the old app from March 1.

GST hike ..

A new rule on GST (Goods and Services Tax) has come into force. GST new rules apply to lottery. According to the new rules, 28 per cent GST will be levied on lotteries. The GST Council took this decision in December 2019 itself. However, it is now effective March 1. All states charge 28 percent GST on lotteries. This will make lotteries more popular.

Rs.2000 notes closed

Public sector Indian Bank has issued orders to its employees and other officials regarding Rs 2,000 notes. The bank has told its branches not to put Rs 2,000 notes in ATMs. The decision took effect on March 1. With this, Rs 2,000 notes will no longer appear in Indian Bank ATMs. That means only Rs 100 and Rs 500 notes are available. According to the bank, retailers are facing a problem with Rs 2,000 notes being withdrawn from ATMs. Customers said it was difficult to exchange a Rs 2,000 note. That is why this decision was taken. Those who want Rs 2,000 notes can get them directly from nearby banks, the RBI said.

Sweetener for TV users

DTH service providers have announced that they will be implementing the Trans NTV 2.0 Rules from March 1. With this, 200 free air to channels will be available to the users at low cost. Also pay less for multi TV connection. The change in Troy DTH and cable TV regulations will reduce the burden on DTH and cable TV users as a whole. Network capacity fees come down with the new decision. Operators are also required to offer discount offers to customers who opt for long-term plans.

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