Nikolas Ferreira provokes Kim Kataguiri and says that MBL acts for a ‘power project’ – Prime Time Zone


In an interview with Panico this Wednesday, the Belo Horizonte councilor criticized the MBL’s super request for impeachment and alliance with left-wing parties

Reproduction/PanicNikolas Ferreira, councilor of Belo Horizonte, was the guest of this Wednesday, 4th, of the Panic program

This Wednesday, the 4th, the program Panic has received Nicolas Ferreira (PRTB-MG), the second councilor with the most votes in the history of municipal elections in Belo Horizonte. In an interview, he criticized Kim Kataguiri it’s the MBL, who recently allied with left-wing parties in a super call for impeachment against the president Jair Bolsonaro. “Sometimes the voter does not know the name of a bill, what moves him is the imagination, art and culture. The left won in this respect. If universities are now dominated, it is because the left took over the base and then took power. We were the opposite, first we took power from above and we are having this problem at the base. Is Bolsonaro the perfect guy? It’s not and I know it, but I stop and think our common enemy is the left. Now, when you see Kim Kataguiri asking for a super impeachment and joining the PCdoB, you think, are these guys really worried about the country? These guys have a power project. The social networks of Arthur do Val became Felipe Neto.”

Nikolas also opined on Bolsonaro’s articulations with the Centrão and the appointment of Ciro Walnut to the Civil House. According to the congressman, the alliances are part of politics and have been desired for a long time by those who say they are opposed to the government today. “The articulation and governability were desired by you long before. The articulation is necessary in order not to have an ideological fantasy. Bolsonaro is doing nothing outside the four lines of the constitution. If it has a center in Congress, it is because they were placed there by the people. Bolsonaro is responsible for the country, not his CPF.”

It is expected that, this Thursday, 5, the PEC of the voto audit on Chamber. About this, the councilor from Minas Gerais stated that, if the proposal is rejected, voters will be insecure in relation to the elections. “I don’t know if Bolsonaro will take any action, but my position is that our hands are tied to power. Himself Barroso launched an inquiry, I’ve never seen that in a Constitution. The rule of the game is that the police investigate, the public ministry denounces and the Judiciary judges, but he is usurping the powers. I really don’t know what will happen if the printed vote doesn’t pass, but it will probably generate insecurity among voters and some candidates.”

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