Nimmagadda responds to Privilege Committee notices .. Ramesh Kumar responds sharply ..! – ap sec nimmagadda ramesh kumar replied to ap assembly privilege committee notice


AP State Election Commission Commissioner Nimmagadda Rameshkumar responded to the Andhra Pradesh Assembly Privilege Committee notice.

ap sec nimmagadda replied: AP State Election Commission Commissioner Nimmagadda Rameshkumar responded to the Andhra Pradesh Assembly Privilege Committee notice. He informed the Privilege Committee that he had taken the Kovid vaccine and could not attend the trial. Minister Peddireddy Ramachandrareddy responded to the notice given by the Assembly Privilege Committee on the complaint. He asked that the jurisdiction to issue notices to him not fall into the Privilege Committee and show evidence of allegations against him. In his reply, Ramesh Kumar said that he had full respect for the assembly and the members.

The dispute between the state government versus the SEC has been going on in the AP for the last while. The panchayat, which started with the conduct of local body elections, is still going on. State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar conducted panchayat and municipality elections against the government. The state government, which opposed the election in the wake of this, turned around the courts with no result. In the end, the YCP won a landslide victory in the elections. However, the YCP government did not back down on the SEC .. sent him Privilege Notices and asked him to appear before the committee.

The SEC responded vehemently to the privilege notices it received. He said that he is currently getting the corona vaccine. Due to this he has not been traveling outside for some years. That is why he said that despite the privilege notices, he is not in a position to come out at present. The SEC has issued orders for house arrest on remarks made by Minister Peddireddy during the local body elections. Minister Peddireddy complained to the Privilege Committee that the SEC had acted to humiliate them. The Privilege Committee, which met twice, discussed the complaint. AP SEC issued notices to Ramesh Kumar on the 18th of this month to give an explanation in this regard.

It also ordered that Privilege be available to respond to notices. With this, Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar replied to this notice. He made it clear that he was not violating the rights of MLAs anywhere. However, he explained that he did not fall under the purview of the Privilege Committee. He said he had the highest respect for the assembly. He further said that if the government decides to go ahead with the matter, it will respond in a timely manner with full evidence.

It remains to be seen what decision the Assembly Privilege Committee will take on the SEC answer. And it remains to be seen how far this controversy will go. Does the Privilege Committee agree with the answer given by the SEC? Go further and see if notices are issued again.

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