Not eligible for TRS: Bandi Sanjay


Prime Time Zone, Nagar Kurnool: BJP state chief Bandi Sanjay criticized the KCR for not having the courage to ask graduates and employees to vote and for threatening the people with ministers. He was speaking at a campaign rally in Nagercoil on Saturday during the Graduate MLC elections. The CM, who was taken aback by the activists, was criticized for building special walls while enjoying royalties in his family. The aristocracy revealed that they would break the barriers, fear no one, and sacrifice their lives. He clarified that the alternative to TRS was the BJP party. He said the graduates’ verdict would not be limited to here but would have an impact on the next assembly elections. He was outraged that the TRS did not have the right to ask for votes. BJP national vice-president DK Aruna said that it was an insult to Gandhi to compare CM KCR with Gandhi. Eddewa said that KCR and his family were the only ones who changed the name of gold to Telangana.

BJP has the capacity to face KCR. Dubaka said the GHMC proved it in the elections. KCR has been criticized for being arrogant enough to buy votes with money in any election. Those who voted for TRS said that they were traitors to Telangana. Palamuru-Rangareddy’s work has been criticized as snail-like. KCR, who said that he would sit in a chair and complete the work, asked where he had gone. The meeting was attended by leaders Bangaru Shruti, BJP district president Sudhakar Rao, assembly in-charge Dilip Chari, state executive member Subbareddy and others.

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