Nuno Melo presents a motion at the CDS – ZAP congress


EPP-EP / Flickr

Nuno Melo

CDS-PP MEP, Nuno Melo, confirmed today to Lusa news agency that he will present a motion at the party’s next congress, but said that the decision to advance to the leadership will only be taken after local elections.

In an interview with the Observer, the Christian Democrat announced that he will present a motion to the party congress, which should take place in early 2022.

The MEP confirmed this information to Lusa, but asked if he would assume the candidacy for leadership, Nuno Melo he said that what “has to decide on the congress will be decided after the local authorities and will not depend on the result” of these elections, since “they do not allow us to understand the general state of the party”.

Since the Christian Democrats will compete in coalitions with the PSD in most of the municipalities, Nuno Melo said the results “do not allow to evaluate” the moment the party is living.

Therefore, a decision on running for the party’s leadership will depend on the reflection of the party itself.

Last Monday, during the party’s parliamentary days, the CDS-PP MEP accused the party’s leadership of “entrenching” and “attacking their own”, and argued that the effort to bring the party together must come “from the top to bottom”.

“I start right away with what I consider to be directive entrenchment. A party cannot devalue the departure of militants, a party cannot be focused on settling accounts and purging from the inside, having the pretense of being simultaneously effective from the outside”, he said, in a criticism of the reaction of the party president, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, to the disaffiliation of former deputy Francisco Mendes da Silva.

The MEP began his speech saying that he was not “in the opposition’s account”, but stressed that there are “reflections that have to be made” and that “whoever does not feel is not the son of good people” and, throughout 45 minutes of speech, he made several criticisms of the direction of the CDS-PP.

“I will say what I think needs to be said and if in the end it is interpreted as opposition, so be it,” he stressed.

Returning to the “directive entrenchment”, the leader also criticized “whoever, in command attacks his own, often his own and those who stand out the most”, at a time when “the CDS needs everyone”, and noted that this “deeply weakens the party”.

The following day, the president of the CDS-PP, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, warned that the “only reflection that is necessary” to the party is to be an alternative to the PS, in a speech in which he did not refer to the criticisms of MEP Nuno Melo.

The leader wants the CDS to “assert itself as a fundamental component in the political alternative in Portugal”, at a time when the “background” is “an increasing curtailment of freedoms by the socialist government, and in which its methods of government are increasingly totalitarian and radical”.