Nuno Melo’s candidacy attacks Rodrigues dos Santos – ZAP


José Sena Goulão / Lusa

Nuno Melo, head of the CDS list to the 2019 Europeans

Nuno Melo’s candidacy for the leadership of the CDS-PP challenged the numbers of the 2021 municipal elections presented by the president of the party, considering that Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos exhibited “three untruths”.

According to the counting made by elements of Nuno Melo’s candidacy, Rodrigues dos Santos said that the party “was present in 251 municipalities, more than in 2017”, but critics dispute that it is only present in 238, that is, “ 97 own lists or coalitions led by the CDS, 136 coalitions led by the PSD and five groups of citizens”.

These numbers, explained in a note sent to the Lusa agency, contrast with the presence in 265 municipalities in 2017, that is, “155 lists of their own or led by the CDS, 95 coalitions led by the PSD, one by the PPM and 14 groups of citizens”.

“Thus, in 2021, the CDS was present in 27 fewer municipalities than in 2017”, they complete. These numbers integrate what critics consider to be the “three untruths” referred to by the president of the centrists.

“During the campaign, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos stated that the CDS had more municipal candidates than in 2017. Now, running in fewer 27 municipalities and presenting fewer lists of their own (97 against 155 in 2017) and knowing that in coalitions the CDS has fewer candidates, that statement is false”, they continue .

The third “untruth”, they maintain, was when the president of the party, on the night of the local elections, said that the party “I had won more mayors” than four years ago.

It appears that the CDS lost “four councilors, 48 ​​municipal deputies, 13 parish council presidents and 167/201 parish assembly members, totaling a loss of 232/266 mayors”, they complete.

Critics also consider that in these elections, on September 26, the “CDS merged with the PSD, increasing the number of coalitions from 95 to 136”.

sustaining that “there were important achievements such as Lisbon, Coimbra and Funchal”, the candidacy opposing Rodrigues dos Santos said that the party “contributed to its, also, PSD competitor winning 20 more chambers and holding four, and in these 24 winning coalitions the CDS does not have executive power (council member) in 13”.

“In a total of these 24 chambers, we lost 6 councilors that we had conquered in 2017”, he adds.

Nuno Melo’s candidacy explains that the counting of the lists was done through the collection of data from the website, and that of coalitions “through contact with local structures” of the party, “ or, in this impossibility, through local activists”.

Critics recognize that “it is possible that there are small discrepancies”.

The National Council of the CDS-PP meets today, via videoconference, to analyze the results of the local elections and mark the next congress of the party, which the board proposes to take place on November 27 and 28.

Candidates for the leadership of the CDS are the current leader, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, and the centrist MEP and president of the district of Braga, Nuno Melo.