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Odemira threatens with sanitary fence if Government does not change calculation


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The Prime Minister, António Costa, will meet this Tuesday through videoconference with the mayors of the seven municipalities in the country that have a higher incidence rate of covid-19.

According to Renascença, the meeting will start at 10 am and on the table may be the possibility of these municipalities do not advance for the second phase of deflation, since it was admitted last week by the prime minister, during the presentation of the progressive reopening calendar until May.

At stake are the municipalities of Alandroal, Carregal do Sal, Moura, Odemira, Portimão, Ribeira de Pena and Rio Maior.

The bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) released this Monday reveals that the most recent data indicate that the incidence rate exceeds the 240 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in these seven counties.

Odemira threatens with sanitary fence

The Odemira City Council admitted to applying a sanitary fence in the municipality to prevent new cases if the health authorities do not change the way they calculate the incidence rate that defines the government’s red lines.

Speaking to TSF, José Alberto Guerreiro, president of the municipality, said that the problem is that half of the people in the municipality they are not officially residents.

“We cannot understand that when calculating the index, only the resident population is counted. I know counties that complain about this method of calculation, but have only hundreds or a thousand foreigners. In Odemira, the reality is quite different: it ranges from one third to half of the population depending on the time of year, ”he explained.

The mayor also stated that, “if the situation does not change and the calculation model is maintained, we will obviously be forced to propose, eventually, a sanitary fence to Odemira so that there are no new infected to arrive ”.

“That it will not be necessary to create some restrictions on circulation in Odemira and, therefore, this very strong and at the same time very threatening appeal that if necessary we will move forward with stronger measures because we deal with public health and it comes first ”, He warned. “It is not fair and minimally sensible to treat what is different equally.”

Odemira has about 25 thousand residents and another 12 to 15 thousand people in these months to work in agriculture.

Criterion in small counties must be another

The Mayor of Alandroal told TSF that the risk criteria should be reviewed, because can be misleading. João Grilo gives as an example the county he presides over and which has an area of ​​540 square kilometers for less than five thousand inhabitants, which represents less than 10 people per square kilometer.

João Nunes, Mayor of Barrancos, agrees. This municipality has four cases of covid-19. If you have two more infections, the established limit is reached for the government.

“There is a small focus, so to speak, but we are doing tests,” said the mayor. “In terms of confinement and the current rules, it is enough to have two more people, and, ready, we are at the maximum”.

Several mayors from smaller municipalities have been opposing the Government’s limit of 120 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the last 14 days. According to João Nunes, in less extensive geographies, “people are confined, they are in that place, don’t leave there“.

“In these small communities where cases are known, the danger of contamination is minimal, because people are confined, and, as a rule, they respect it. Since everyone knows who has the problem, people don’t take chances not even doing his life ”, he assured.

The president of Barrancos understands that “there must be an indicator, there must be a formula”, but he argues that this “should be analyzed in depth when it comes to municipalities with this demographics ”.

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