‘Off Road Adventures’ with one hand .. Kashmir youth’s adventure


Prime Time Zone, Features: Abdullah, a native of Kashmir, learned to drive a car with one hand and persevered, despite losing one arm. Abdullah, who lost his arm in the accident and is suffering from depression, is gaining confidence as he walks along the roads of Kashmir Ghat. He continues his adventures as a member of the ‘Kashmir Off Road’ adventure in the Kashmir Valley. In 2011, a school bus traveling on the Kashmir road suddenly lost control and fell into a valley. Fortunately, most of the students survived with minor injuries, while 11-year-old Abdullah sustained serious injuries. Abdullah, who lost consciousness, was admitted to a hospital in Srinagar. Doctors removed the right arm with a complete fracture. Abdullah could not bear the absence of his arm. He became very depressed and went into depression. Though he wanted to adapt to the new life, the lone wounds and traumatic wounds took a long time to heal. Friends and family stood by him and filled him with courage. Since then, with the help of his family members, he has tried to do all the work with one hand. Within a year, Abdullah learned to tie shoes, wear clothes and clean with one hand.

‘I want to go out not to school..my mind did not agree to that. Worrying that everyone is noticing me. My friend took me out and encouraged me to bat and bowl with one hand. Not to mention that another friend taught me how to drive with one hand. Within a year and a half, Kashmiri was roaming the countryside. Driving gave me mental exhilaration. Gradually I came out of negative thoughts with the support of my family and friends. Our father always told me to do my work without anyone’s help. I also realized the reality in it and learned all the work. I want to go to London by car in the future. The whole country wants to turn around in a car. I will surely fulfill my dream one day. Off-roading is my life. That changed my perspective, “said Abdullah.

Abdullah also drove on the Kashmir Off Road (KO), the only off-road adventure in the Valley. The ‘Kashmir Off Road’ operators gained confidence in Abdullah’s talent as he overtook his car even though it was not in favor of the tracks there. From there, Abdullah never looked back. Abdullah became the youngest person to join the ‘Kashmir Off Road’. Kashmir Off Road is an associate member club of the Motors Sport Federation of India which includes off-road adventure, motor-sport events and international overland tours. Abdullah is currently pursuing a postgraduate law degree at Nalsar University in Hyderabad and hopes to pursue a career as a corporate lawyer. However, Abdullah says he will continue to balance his career with ‘off-road adventures’.

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