Omar Aziz counters Bolsonaro’s attack: ‘The jaguar will catch the howler monkey’ – Young Pan


In a conversation with supporters, this Monday morning, the head of the federal Executive called the senator, president of the CPI of Covid-19, an ‘Amazonian tapir’

Pedro France/Senate AgencyIn recent weeks, exchange of barbs between Bolsonaro and members of the CPI has become frequent

the president of CPI to Covid-19, Omar Aziz | (PSD-AM), countered the attack made this Monday morning, 19, by the president Jair Bolsonaro. In a conversation with supporters, on the way out of Alvorada Palace, the head of the federal Executive called the senator an “Amazonian tapir” and stated that the commission, which investigates the Union’s actions and omissions in the fight against the new coronavirus pandemic, is headed by “three suckers”, in reference to Aziz, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), vice president, and Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), rapporteur of the collegiate. Em um vídeo publicado em seu perfil no Twitter, o parlamentar do PSD comparou Bolsonaro a um macaco guariba e afirmou que ele será pego pela “onça”. “You called me an Amazon tapir. You don’t know what an Amazon tapir is, but those who worked here, those who served here, the valiant soldiers who served in the Amazon, know what the Amazon tapir means to the environment. Now, do you know who the howler monkey predator is? It’s the jaguar, president. It is the jaguar that is behind the howler monkey. [O macaco guariba] It’s the one I’ve already explained what it means: it’s the one who, when he runs away from the jaguar, urinates and defecates through the orifices, to protect himself. President, the jaguar will catch the howler monkey, be sure”, he said.

To supporters, Bolsonaro commented on the complaints about the purchase of doses of CoronaVac involving former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello. On Friday 16, the newspaper Folha de São Paulo revealed a video in which the Army general promises a group of intermediaries, led by a businessman identified only as John, to buy 30 million doses of the immunizing agent – ​​in that case, the price would be almost three times higher than the amount negotiated directly with the Butantan Institute. “What was the press doing back then? ‘You have to buy vaccine, no matter the price’. Now, whoever wanted to buy vaccine, regardless of the price and without going through Anvisa, was Omar Aziz. This is documented in an amendment that he presented in our provisional measure, on vaccine, and Renan Calheiros’ brother, Renildo Calheiros, presented an amendment just like that, that states and municipalities could buy vaccine without Anvisa certification and without a bidding process ”, said the president. “Imagine if you approve of that, huh, Omar Aziz? Better known as the Amazon tapir. Amazon tapir. Imagine if it had passed that? Huh, Renan Calheiros? Your brother, Renan Calheiros. PCdoB, the party. I won’t tell you what the C is, right. C from Brazil. Some mayors and governors would be buying vaccine at R$30 or R$50 a dose, even from the Moon, because they didn’t need to go through Anvisa,” he added.

In recent weeks, the exchange of barbs between the president and members of the CPI has become frequent. On Thursday, 8, Bolsonaro received a letter, sent by the top of the commission, in which senators Omar Aziz, Randolfe Rodrigues and Renan Calheiros asked for explanations about the complaint presented by federal deputy Luis Miranda (DEM-DF), which pointed out irregularities in the purchase of 20 million doses of Covaxin. In his weekly live, he stated: “Today, Omar, Renan and the skipper held a party downstairs at the Presidency, handed over a document, well, answering a question to the CPI. Do you know what my answer is, guys? Pooped. Shit for CPI. I won’t answer anything.” On Tuesday, 13, in the wake of the statement released by the Ministry of Defense and the three commanders of the Armed Forces, Aziz criticized the motorcycles carried out by Bolsonaro, called the “motorcycle president”. “Brazil has a motorcycle president who, instead of going to states and municipalities to visit a hospital, to visit a family that has lost a loved one, will attack opponents. He is a person who has no sensitivity, he is an aggressor against women. He likes to yell at women, but he loves to ride a motorcycle. Brazil has a great biker, Brazil has a terrible president”, fired the president of the Senate committee.