Ongoing corona outbreak in the country .. 12,584 new positive cases, 167 deaths ..


Corona Cases India: Corona virus continues to spread in the country. Despite the declining number of positive cases .. only for the severity of deaths

Corona Cases India: The spread of corona virus in the country continues. Despite the declining number of positive cases, the severity of deaths has not stopped. In the past 24 hours, 12,584 new positive cases were reported. This brings the total number of corona cases in India to 1,04,79,179. Of these, 2,16,558 were active cases and 1,01,11,294 were recovered from the corona. As many as 167 people have recently died due to the virus.

The lack of increase in the number of positive cases in the country in the last few days is a matter of concern. However, a reduction in the severity of deaths has not yet been seen. The new corona virus ‘strain’ that has just emerged in the UK at the moment .. is spreading in India as well.

Meanwhile, the recovery rate has risen sharply in all states. A total of 18,385 people in the country recovered from the virus and were discharged on Monday. Currently, the number of active cases across the country has dropped to 2.07 per cent. The death rate fell to 1.44 percent. The recovery rate in the country has reached 96.49 per cent.