Only the PS voted in favor of the report on the hearing of Ana Paula Vitorino to lead AMT


Paulo Cunha / Lusa

Former Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino

The report of the hearing to the former minister of the Sea for the presidency of the Mobility and Transport Authority (AMT) was approved with the vote in favor of the PS, the abstention of the Bloc and the PCP, and votes against by the other parties.

The deputies of the Committee on Economy, Innovation, Public Works and Housing approved this Monday a report on the hearing of Ana Paula Vitorino, who is nominated to assume the presidency of the Mobility and Transport Authority (AMT).

The report was approved with the votes in favor of the PS, abstentions by the Left Bloc and PCP and votes against by the PSD, PAN and CDS.

During the vote, deputy Carlos Silva, from the PSD, who had been appointed rapporteur of this work, but ended up asking for an excuse, for do not agree with changes who were introduced to the document, once again criticized the appointment of the former Minister of the Sea to the post, saying that it is “rocambolesque and bizarre”.

The report ended up being the responsibility of the PS deputy, Hugo Costa.

During Ana Paula Vitorino’s hearing, which took place on July 1, the former minister rejected that she may have “lack of exemption” to occupy the position of president of the AMT.

As the person appointed to lead the regulator, Vitorino was heard at the Committee on Economy, Innovation, Public Works and Housing and guaranteed that, from his previous functions in government, deputy and other activities he carried out, “no incompatibility and impediment result” to his appointment as President of the AMT.

“As for impartiality, independence and transparency”, Ana Paula Vitorino recalled the opinion of CReSAP (Recruitment and Selection Commission for Public Administration), which considered it suitable for the role, after evaluating these questions.

“I didn’t work in areas that are going to be regulated”, guaranteed Ana Paula Vitorino, who was also Secretary of State for Transport, between 2005 and 2009.

I am reputable, law-abiding, exempt and free. I don’t have partisan obedience”, she guaranteed, confronted by the deputies who questioned her about her connection to the PS Government’s program and to family connections.

“I have already been accused of not giving in to pressure, I have been greatly harmed by stubbornly defending the public interest, harming private interests”, she assured, stressing that “the AMT has no political powers”.

As for family connections, Ana Paula Vitorino criticized PSD deputy Carlos Silva. “As a woman I do not accept either here or anywhere that jeopardizes my ability and independence to live with anyone [com o ministro da Administração Interna, Eduardo Cabrita]”, he creased.

This is called machismo and misogyny”, he criticized, noting that he never admitted “the moral protection of anyone”. “I think through my head, as do most women in the country”, she concluded.

In response, Carlos Silva said that he was not questioning gender issues or family relationships, but “how to protect the AMT when hundreds and hundreds of millions of euros are dealt with in the Council of Ministers” and in that same body “there is a person who has family relationships” with Ana Paula Vitorino.

As for her priorities for the AMT, Ana Paula Vitorino defended “a more modern view of regulation”, advocating “competition as a way to provide a better service” to citizens.

“You have to accept competition if it is to improve the quality of service and not in the strictly economic sense”, he explained. Ana Paula Vitorino concluded her audition by announcing that “has come to an end” his political career.