Oswaldo Eustáquio counters Alexandre de Moraes: ‘If you don’t arrest Randolfe, you’ll have to release Silveira’ – Prime Time Zone


In an interview with Panico, the journalist stated that his arrest was ‘immoral’, ‘unconstitutional’ and ‘illegal’: ‘They silenced our voice for a political project’

Reproduction/PanicJournalist and blogger Oswaldo Eustáquio was the guest of this Thursday, the 29th, of the Panic program

The program Panic received this Thursday, 29, the journalist and blogger Oswaldo Eustáquio, who was arrested in 2020 after participating in demonstrations for the closure of the STF, in Brasilia. In an interview, Oswaldo stated that the arrests decreed by Alexandre de Moraes in Supreme are unconstitutional. “Daniel Silveira is under arrest, I was there. 33 days in prison without a crime. Brazil is the only country in the world that has a federal deputy with parliamentary immunity imprisoned immorally, illegally and unconstitutionally. He was arrested because, in theory, he at most insulted a STF minister for crime of opinion, not even insult. The STF now has a request for the Randolfe Rodrigues, which is in the hands of Alexandre de Moraes. If the Alexandre de Moraes don’t arrest Randolfe, you’ll have to release the Daniel Silveira.”

Oswaldo Eustáquio also remembered his time at the Penitentiary Complex of Papuda, in Brasilia, where he was detained for about two months. According to him, in his passage he was tortured, beaten and even today he has marks on his body. “I was arrested because my voice and the voice of those on the street to defend the president Jair Bolsonaro it was too tall. They had to silence our voice for the political project they had. I was neither charged nor indicted. I still have marks on my arm, because they didn’t even let me do it. I was beaten in jail. Here it is not a question of left or right, but a humanitarian issue. Doctors cannot say if I will walk again, but I believe in a God who will make me walk again. I’m in a wheelchair today because I defended my homeland.”

Now in a wheelchair after a fracture of the fifth vertebra of the spine during his time in prison, the journalist said that he and his family are still targets of harassment. “My children had to leave school. I have images of unmarked cars pulling up in front of my house. Even my wife was followed. I keep getting several threats. I can’t help but raise my voice because I have a purpose. Our generation will change the history of Brazil sweeping left. Conservatism and the values ​​of Jesus Christ will prevail. If it happened to any journalist in Brazil what happened to me, Jornal Nacional would be talking about it.”

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