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Pedro Nuno Santos: PS cannot behave as if it had a majority


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Tiago Petinga / Lusa

The Minister of Infrastructure, Pedro Nuno Santos

The Minister of Infrastructure and Housing defended, this Sunday, that the PS cannot behave as if it had an absolute majority, but collaborate with BE and PCP because the contraption “cannot be a parenthesis in history”.

Pedro Nuno Santos, who led the Socialist Youth (JS) between 2004 and 2008, was the guest who, this Sunday, ended the JS formation cycle entitled “Socialism: values, identity and future”, in which he took the opportunity to leave several alerts.

“We need to learn to deal with the parties on our left: to know how to respect when they don’t agree with us, when they fight us. It is not with aggressiveness that we will be able to recover collaboration with the other parties. It is understanding them, it is realizing what drives them away ”, he started by saying.

“We cannot behave or deal with governance as if we have a majority absolute, when we don’t have it. We must actively seek it out with other parties who have similar views with ours. This effort must be made with BE and the PCP ”, defended the government official.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Housing insisted on bringing the PS closer to its former “contraption” partners, considering that, although there are hesitations within the party that should not have taken place, it is on the left that socialists manage to share “an idea of ​​freedom, of equality and fraternity that depends on an organized and strong State ”.

“If we want to fight the right permanently, we have to be able to collaborate with the left, understand, accept differences and seek to shorten the path“, He argued.

In the perspective of the socialist who was at the head of Parliamentary Affairs for much of the period of “contraption”, “an advanced democracy needs two distinct blocks”, which will come into existence if there are no mistakes in relation to whom the PS must ally.

“In 2015, we made a major revolution in the way we intervened politically in Portugal, when fortunately and finally we were able to overcome the blockages that came from the beginning of our democracy and we started to work from the national point of view – from the local point of view we had already achieved it before – with the PCP and the BE ”, he recalled.

For Pedro Nuno Santos, the agreement with PCP and BE “it was a very important victory for the country, for the left and for the Portuguese people ”. In this sense, he reiterated an idea that he had previously defended that this governmental solution “cannot be a parenthesis in history, on the contrary”.

The minister recalled that there are already few countries in Europe that have a party that governs alone and, therefore, in his view, it is necessary to “cooperate with the left so that, yes, compete with the right“, Synthesized.

All these choices have to be made without forgetting the history of the PS, continued Pedro Nuno Santos, lamenting who within the party there are those who “are stuck in 1975” since “the policy has changed, the country has changed, the parties have changed”.

“The PCP – today also BE – are fundamental elements in the construction of this more just, more solidary society”, he affirmed.

But the socialist also had other warnings for voices within the PS, those that use some historical figures, such as that of Mário Soares, “to defend their positions”.

To make this evocation of the “greatest figure of the PS”, according to Pedro Nuno Santos, it is necessary to remember his entire trajectory, along which he considers that the socialist history “was always right”, as when “promoted the meetings that supposed to stimulate the left to dialogue, to join forces ”.

“This is great teaching of Mário Soares: knowing how to read the challenges we have at every moment and being able to live up to them ”, he challenged.

The minister also said that it is necessary to understand the reasons that drive voters away and their choice for extremist or populist projects.

“Our condition often makes us give priority to themes and concerns for the future, but which are a long way from a large part of the population and they no longer feel represented in the discourse, programs, proposals and policies. They feel forgotten and move away from us. When someone appears who apparently talks about their problems, they will be heard same as the way is not the most polite. And many will follow these voices, ”he said, quoted by the newspaper Público.

For Pedro Nuno Santos, the answer lies in universal policies: “Universality is the instrument that allows us to have policies that are not only of some but directed to all, giving school textbooks as an example.

“It is a mistake to say that school textbooks should be only for those who have needs. The school is for everyone. We must have speech for the majority of the people. And a 21st century program must have that ”.

It is necessary to “build our program”, threw at JS youth, then laying the foundations for what he believes to be the PS’s future program: dignifying work and whoever works; counteract the loss of strength of the union movement; expand and reinforce public services; invest in public housing; rethink the response to the elderly; invest in the public network of daycare centers; to expand sources of financing for Social Security and the public pension system through the contribution for the added value of companies; rethink IRS and IRC tax deductions; reformulate the redistribution of income and labor, promote the development of the economy through an environmental and climate transition policy.


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