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Portimão PSD ponders running for ex-socialist mayor who swallowed evidence in court case – ZAP


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The PSD of Portimão is considering supporting the candidacy of Luís Carito, a former socialist deputy and former deputy mayor of Portimão, who became known for having swallowed a role that could constitute evidence in a lawsuit in which he was accused.

According to the Renaissance, the possibility is being considered by the PSD of Portimão, but the approval of the district of Faro and the national direction of Rui Rio is still required. The candidacy is the indication of the local council and has already been discussed with the main partner of the coalition, the CDS.

On the radio, the president of the PSD council of Portimão, Carlos Martins, did not confirm the candidacy, limiting himself to saying that “the process is following the normal procedures, within the structures, and that only after validated, will it announce the candidates“.

This choice is causing surprise, not only because of Luís Carito’s previous connections to the PS, but also because the former deputy starred in an unusual episode: during searches by the Judiciary Police (PJ) at his residence, as part of an investigation involving him to himself and nine other defendants, the then mayor took a paper from an inspector and put it in his mouth.

Luís Carito is a doctor and was a deputy in three legislatures, between 1999 and 2005. He was president of the Municipal Assembly of Portimão, vice-president of the Institute of Solidarity and Social Security and regional director of the Social Security Algarve.

The choice of the council, however, is causing surprise in the orange hosts of the Algarve for the connections previous to the PS, but also because Luís Carito was the protagonist of an unusual episode that made ink run, at the time, in June 2013: during police searches Judiciary at his residence, as part of an investigation involving him and nine other defendants, the then mayor took a paper from an inspector, put it in his mouth and swallowed it.

The nine defendants were put on trial for the crime of qualified fraud and economic participation in business. Luis Carito was also indicted for damage or document substrate.

However, all were acquitted by there is “no proof that the defendants have acted in a concerted manner, harming Portimão Urbis or obtaining their own benefits as a result of the contracts ”.

As for the role, the Court concluded that it was not possible to prove the destruction of evidence because unable to prove content that same role.

João Gonçalves Pereira wants to join the “local fight”

The deputy of the CDS-PP, João Gonçalves Pereira, this Wednesday made his last speech in the Assembly of the Republic and said he hoped that his party would allow him continue the “local fight” in municipalities.

“I will dedicate myself in the coming months, if my party allows me to do so, to the local fight, because it is in the municipalities that the strength of a party is determined and also because I believe that the CDS needs, more than ever, to give proof of life ”, he defended.

João Gonçalves Pereira guaranteed that does not intend to abandon party militancy nor civic intervention, but defended the principle of renewal. “In politics, particularly in democracy, there is nothing exceptional about a farewell. Cycles pass, faces change, ideas change. And that is how it should be, ”he said.

“I can tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that I leave with a clear conscience to know that the country, from left to right, is well represented here,” he said.

João Gonçalves Pereira replaced Asunción Cristas in parliament at the end of January 2020 and had already been a deputy in the last and penultimate legislature. In addition to being the leader of the Lisbon district of the CDS-PP, he is an alderman without responsibilities in the Lisbon City Council, positions he will hold.

According to the Observer, the Lisbon council approved João Gonçalves Pereira as a candidate for the Lisbon City Council, in addition to Diogo Moura and Nuno Rocha Correia, but the board does not want the current councilor to join the coalition.

The deputy and leader of the Lisbon district of the CDS-PP has not yet been confirmed by the party leadership as one of the names on the coalition lists with the PSD in the capital.

PSD / CDS candidate wants “dynamics” in Serpa

The candidate of the PSD / CDS-PP coalition to Câmara de Serpa, José Damião Félix, stated this Wednesday that he intends to “help to project the future” of this municipality, a communist “bastion” in the district of Beja, with “new dynamics and new projects”.

In statements to the agency Lusa, José Damião Félix, 44 years old, revealed that he had advanced with a candidacy in this year’s municipal elections for “feeling that, in Serpa, people want a change”.

“People yearn for a change in leadership of municipal management to prepare the municipality of Serpa for the future “and” with a strategic vision and the ability to bring new dynamics and new projects to the municipality “, he argued.

José Damião Félix claimed that the priorities of his electoral proposal will be “those that, over the years, the elected executives left behind in successive terms”, the start with “education and health”.

The PSD / CDS-PP candidate assumed that he also wanted to “prepare the municipality for the future” and “use the instruments of municipal management” to leave in Serpa “the added value of the value chains arising from the establishment of companies integrated in the Development Enterprise. Multiple Purposes of Alqueva ”. “Winning this challenge is fundamental to fix people, companies and public services”, he stressed.

José Damião Félix is ​​from Lisbon and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico. Agricultural entrepreneur, he also teaches mathematics classes to students in primary and secondary education in the School Group no. 2 of Serpa.

Militant of the PSD, he was a municipal deputy in Serpa between 2013 and 2017 and is, since 2017, president of the Parish Assembly of the União de Freguesias de Serpa, as well as vice president of the PSD political district committee of Beja and member of the national council of the. broken.


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