Portugal registers five dead and 649 new cases of covid-19 – ZAP


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This Saturday, Portugal registers five more deaths and 649 new cases of infection, according to the epidemiological bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).

According to the latest bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health, the country recorded, this Saturday, more five deaths e 649 new cases of covid-19.

The North region recorded the highest number of infections (258), followed by Lisbon and the Tagus Valley (198), the Central region (52), the Alentejo (43) and the Algarve (47). In the Azores, 33 more positive cases were registered, while in Madeira there were 18 new infections.

The North region did not register any deaths this Saturday. Lisbon and the Tagus Valley was the region with the highest number of deaths caused by covid-19: three. The remaining two deaths occurred in the Azores and the Algarve.

There are currently 415 hospitalized patients, 14 fewer than the day before. Of these, 103 are in intensive care, 2 more than the day before.

The DGS bulletin indicates that there are now 667 more people recovered disease, with a total of 788,274 recovered. There are still 20,638 people under surveillance by health authorities, 698 more than yesterday.

The number of active cases in the country has decreased to a total of 25,344 active cases.

Portugal has recorded, since the beginning of the pandemic, 830,560 cases of infection and 16,942 deaths from covid-19. In total, 788,274 recovered after being infected with the coronavirus.

A risk matrix indicates that, at the national level, Portugal has a 14-day incidence of 71.6 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and a transmissibility index R

Autoagendamento platform

The self-scheduling of taking the vaccine against covid-19, through a digital platform, is being concluded, and be up and running in 15 days.

According to the coordinator of the task force of the vaccination plan, “self-scheduling is being completed, it will still be tested and, only afterwards, will it, according to the computer language, go into production”.

“Production is expected to start in 15 days,” said Vice Admiral Henrique Gouveia e Melo, on a visit to the vaccination center in Gondomar, in the district of Porto.

In recent times, “things have happened”, namely related to vaccines, which have led to other priorities to be resolved “more urgently”, he justified. The task force coordinator recalled that the world is changing and planning has to be adapt to these changes.

As for the vaccination of teachers, a process that is taking place this weekend, Vice Admiral Gouveia e Melo said that Pfizer vaccine for “logistical reasons”.

“The operation is very logistically complex, the vast majority of people [vacinadas este fim de semana] it is part of an age group in which the vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna is advisable ”, he said.

The official defended that there must be a diversified distribution of vaccines, making no sense to concentrate vaccines by regions. Today the task force changed the vaccine distribution rules to make it more difficult for people over 60 years of age to know in advance which vaccine they will receive: AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna.

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