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Swaero: The standard of mindfulness. We must pledge to stay away from evil and to abide by the rules of ethics. But the standard there..controversial. Rumor has it that the standard, which has been used to denigrate religious beliefs,

Rs Praveen Kumar

IPS Officer in Trouble: Sensitive issues should be taken care of rather than disputed. Whose limits should they be. It is understandable that someone made such an oath unintentionally. But IPS officer Praveen Kumar, who is in a high position as the secretary of Telangana Gurukuls, is now in the front row.

What happened at the Swarovski event was a controversial pledge ceremony. Praveen Kumare was the chief guest at the Jnanadiksha and Bhindiksha program near the Buddhist stupa in Peddapalli district. He is also the founder of Swarovski. That is why this vow was wrapped around his neck.

Some who attended the event openly erred in vowing to insult the Hindu gods and denigrate traditions. IPS officer Praveen Kumar responded on stage to the controversial pledge. Bhindiksha is not against any caste or religion. All castes, religions and faiths should be respected.

With the rise of criticism already .. The statement was also released later to apologize if it hurt anyone’s feelings. RS Praveenkumar said he had nothing to do with people who spoke in a way that denigrated the gods.

Despite Praveen Kumar’s explanation, the controversy did not stop even though he regretted the pledge. VHP has demanded that RS Praveen Kumar be removed from service and strict action be taken. BJP leaders are also incensed over the process against Hindu deities in the Swaroop program.

Controversies are not new to Praveen Kumar. Being a sensitive topic, however, Swarovski’s vow is creating vibrations. The controversy escalated with demands that action be taken against that officer in key positions.

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