PRC unsettled government .. Employees in despair


Prime Time Zone, Telangana Bureau: Wage revision proposals and funding allocations for government employees did not appear in the state budget. It is learned that CM KCR announced on Wednesday that PRC will be announced as the venue for the assembly. The finance ministry has estimated that an additional Rs 9,000 crore would be required if the fitment was raised to nearly 30 per cent. The employees felt that the budget would be explained as the CM KCR also made a statement on this. Although it is a non-planning budget, it is a long-standing guarantee that the budget will be in the speech. But the working class was disappointed that the government did not lift the PRC in this budget.

The retirement hike was also supposed to be in the budget speech but, it was not. On the other hand, there seems to be no major change in the budget allocations. In fact, the government did not show much change as it included details of salaries, wages and allowances from 010 to 019. It is learned that the details of all the employees in the state have not been submitted to the Legislative Assembly this time. The government said it had a total of 4.49 lakh employees during the last budget meetings. Of these, the highest number was 54 in the police department. But this time no details were revealed. However, the employees complained that the initiative taken by the government on the issue of employees before the council elections was not included in the budget.

8,788 crore to R&B

In the budget, Rs. 8,788 crore was proposed. In addition, an additional Rs 750 crore has been earmarked for land acquisition for the Regional Ring Road. R&B was allocated Rs 3,493 crore last year. In the last budget for rural roads, Rs. 400 crore has been allotted and this time Rs. 800 crore has been proposed. The Panchayati Raj has allocated Rs 3,000 crore for roads, as well as Rs 400 crore for RVB and ROB constructions at 21 places, up from just Rs 20 crore last year.

While Rs 725 crore has been proposed for the construction of integrated collectorates, police offices and command control centers, only Rs 275 crore was allocated last year. Funds are being given exclusively to the newly constructed Secretariat. For the construction of the Secretariat Rs. 610 crore has been allotted. While TS RTC was allotted Rs 1,000 crore last year, this time it has been allocated Rs 1,500 crore and proposals have been made in the budget for another Rs 1,500 crore with loans. Of this, Rs 900 crore is to be paid under RTC bus pass subsidy.

Rs 5 crore per constituency

The constituency development fund has been increased to Rs 3 crore last year and this time it is proposed to increase it to Rs 5 crore. Prior to 2020, there was Rs 1 crore under development funding for each segment, but the government has increased it to Rs 3 crore in the 2020–21 budget. In 2019, not even a single rupee was spent for any reason. Also, not a single rupee came last year when CM KCR announced that he could not release the CDF due to the Corona financial situation. However, this time around, Rs 5 crore has been proposed for each segment, for which Rs 800 crore has been proposed in the budget. The funds will be released under the quota of MLAs and MLCs.

Paddu for Panchayats

The government has allocated Rs 29,271 crore to the Panchayati Raj and the Rural Development Department. However, it has already released Rs 5,761 crore to Gram Panchayats under Pallepragati. Similarly, for the first time, the government has allocated Rs 500 crore from the budget to the councils and district councils. Of this, Rs. 252 crore and Rs. 248 crore to the Mandal Parishads. A total of Rs.29,271 crore has been allotted to Panchayati Raj and Rural Development Department. In the last budget, Rs. 23,000 crore has been allotted. In the last budget, the government had proposed allocating only Rs 1,200 crore to women’s unions, but this year it has proposed to sanction Rs 3,000 crore under interest-free loans. However, interest-free loans do not apply to interest rebates.