Prime Time Zone Case: A key turning point in the ‘Prime Time Zone’ case .. Family members of the accused who made sensational allegations .. Suspicions against him .. – New Twist in Prime Time Zone Case Accused Family Members New Allegation


Prime Time Zone Case: The ‘Prime Time Zone’ murder case that took place in Telangana in November 2019 created a sensation all over the country.

Prime Time Zone Case: It is known that the ‘Prime Time Zone’ murder case that took place in Telangana in November 2019 created a sensation all over the country. Recently a key turning point has taken place in this case. The family members of four accused who were killed in a police encounter for committing murder on ‘Prime Time Zone’ have recently made sensational allegations. The family members of the accused, who had approached the ‘Prime Time Zone’ Commission on the same issue, complained that they had suffered casualties. Some have accused themselves of intimidating the High Court into withdrawing the case. One of the four accused, Chennakeshavu, said his father Kurmayya had suspicions in the accident case.

The victim’s family members have asked the ‘Prime Time Zone’ Commission to investigate the lorry owner Srinivas Reddy, who is suspected in the Prime Time Zone murder case. It is learned that their family members have filed a petition in the High Court regarding the encounter of the accused. However, the victims allege that they have been subjected to various harassments for some time to get the petition withdrawn. If the case is withdrawn, Rs. He said that they are tempted to give 25 lakhs. They said they had many suspicions in the case and would reveal key facts. But with the latest allegations, the ‘direction’ case looks set to take another turn.

Meanwhile, it is learned that on November 27, 2019, Arif, Shiva, Naveen and Chennakesha were brutally raped by a veterinarian near the Thondupally toll plaza near Shamshabad and then cremated under a bridge at Chatanpalli near Shadnagar. Four suspects in the case were killed in a police encounter. In other words .. Short haired father Kurmayya was involved in a road accident a few days after the incident. Kurmayya, who was seriously injured, died.

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