‘Printed vote will not benefit either Bolsonaro or Lula’, says Janaína Paschoal – Prime Time Zone


State deputy said she has defended the mechanism since long before the President of the Republic announced himself as a potential candidate

Bruna Sampaio / AlespParliamentarian denied that he does not trust the electoral system and that he is raising the thesis of fraud

The state deputy Janaína Paschoal (PSL-SP) said that if she were a federal deputy, she would vote in favor of printed vote auditable. She recalled that since long before the president Jair Bolsonaro if she announces herself as a potential candidate, she has always defended the practice – including in the classroom, as a teacher. “I am an advocate, yes, of the printed vote. I am not a federal deputy, if I were I would vote in favor. I have always defended it as a way of guaranteeing democracy. I remember an election, I don’t remember years or candidates, that there was a HQ in the TSE. A small group of people were locked up to do the counting. Suddenly, the result came out. It was very revolting and, at the time, I was teaching electoral law in a postgraduate course. I had just taught a class showing that the counting of votes needs to happen in a public way, step by step. What happened at that moment subverted the entire electoral situation. ”

In an interview with Morning newspaper, gives Young pan, the state deputy denied that she does not trust the electoral system and that she is raising the thesis of fraud. “I understand that any security instrument, so that we can have confidence in the result of the investigation, is welcome. I can’t understand the resistances. ” According to her, the argument that the system would be expensive to implement is not convincing. “Guys, I’m sorry. But the public money that is spent to maintain these parties, which are small fiefdoms, could be invested in a guarantee of greater security. I am clear that this guarantee will not benefit Bolsonaro, the Lula, nor whoever may apply. This guarantee favors citizenship. I am not calling into question the word of the ministers, the STF, of the electoral justice magistrates. I am not discussing previous claims. I am advocating a more secure instrument for future elections. ”

Janaína Paschoal confirmed that she is witnessing the creation of a broad front against President Jair Bolsonaro. According to her, at Alesp, PSDB, PT, Network and New “They are all part of one thing”. According to the parliamentarian, this puts her in an absolute isolation. “I don’t fit in with these people who declare themselves to be a Bolsonar player, I can’t do it. It does not give. And not even in this morphous mass of PT, PSDB, Rede, Novo. And not even in that classic center that is close to those in power. ” The deputy said that everything she can do expose what she sees. “These people are, yes, forming a broad front. I talk to anti-PT, anti-Dilma people, who supported the impeachment and the Car wash. And I hear them say that ‘it’s not that bad’ and that ‘Bolsonaro is worse’. When I ask about a possible Bolsonaro x Lula in 2022, some people say they will cancel it. Others say that they do not vote for Bolsonaro at all and that Lula has learned. ”