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Proteins Foods: Are you a vegetarian? Did you know that vegetarian foods are high in protein .. – List of sources of proteins if you are a vegetarian


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Protein is the basic building block of everything in our body. Every cell in the human body contains protein. To repair body cells,

Protein is the basic building block of everything in our body. Every cell in the human body contains protein. The body needs a lot of protein in the diet to repair cells and make new ones. To stay healthy, we need protein to function the way the body needs it to. Everything from our organs to our muscles and tissues contains at least 10,000 types of proteins. Proteins are needed to keep bones, skin and hair healthy.

Protein helps to synthesize energy and carry oxygen throughout the body into the blood. It helps to make antibodies to fight infections and diseases, as well as to keep cells healthy and to create new ones. Lack of enough protein leads to lack of strength in the bones.

How much protein should be ..

Almost everyone should have between 10-35% protein in their daily calories. Ingredients that are high in protein are meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, etc. However some people do not actually eat meat. Vegetarians get protein from any diet. Let us now know the details of them.

Cereals: 17.86 grams per cup is what is boiled. Cereals are a staple in every Indian household. Important Most of us cook with these lentils. It is high in protein. This gives the body the percentage of protein it needs.

Peas: Boiled peas contain 14.53 grams of protein per cup. Peas are best eaten uncooked or cooked in curry, soup or vegetables. You can make Maharashtra dish “Ragda Pattis”.

Pacers: One cup of pacers contains 14.18 grams of protein. It is rich in iron and fiber. You can try the Gujarati version recipe Sukha Moong or Khatta Moong or Usal or Moong Dahi Missal from Maharashtra, especially by cooking sprouted pacers. Your homemade sprouts salad is eaten uncooked in South India.

Legumes: A cup of legumes contains 11.58 grams of protein. It is rich in potassium, fiber and iron. Can be taken as cooked vegetables using chopped green beans.

Green Peas or Mother Dana: It contains 8.58 grams of protein per cup. Green peas can be cooked in a soup or vegetable pulao with rice or as a mother-cheese with cheese. Crush it and add to the roti game and fill it with parantas or stuffed roti. Cook with spices or salt and lightly beat.

Ingredients high in protein ..

Quinoa – 8.14 grams per cup of total protein (cooked)
Pistachio – Total protein ounce 5.97 grams (dry baked)
Almonds – 5.94 grams per whole protein ounce (dry baked)
Brussels sprouts – 5.64 grams per cup of total protein (boiled)
Vegetables – 4.69 grams per ounce of protein (dried)
Sweet Corn – Total Protein 1 Sweet Corn 4.68 grams (raw)
Potatoes – Total Protein 1 Medium 4.55 grams per potato (baked, peeled)
Asparagus – Total protein 4.32 grams per cup (cooked)
Broccoli – Total protein 4.28 grams per 1 stalk (boiled, medium)
Avocado – Total protein 1 Avocado 4.02 grams (medium)
Other sources of protein (not for vegetarians) – milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt.

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