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PRR will have a monitoring mechanism in Parliament. PSD presses Costa


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Tiago Petinga / Lusa

Planning Minister Nelson de Souza, in Parliament.

The Planning Minister, Nelson Souza received this Tuesday, the parties with parliamentary seat and the deputies not registered for bilateral talks about the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

This is the so-called “Bazooka” that will come from Europe, with grants and loans to enable post-pandemic member states to recover.

The first party to be received was the PAN, which, on departure, said that the plan would not be delivered in Brussels until the end of April. Inês Sousa Real explains that “what we were told was that there was a need to adjust the deadlines by the end of the month, but they want to finish as soon as possible”.

The parliamentary leader of the PAN added that “there were issues that ended up having to leave” the plan, since they collide “with the principles of not damaging the environment”.

Then, the PS announced the proposal to create a mechanism to monitor and inspect the PRR in Parliament.

The news was advanced to Lusa by the leader of the socialist bench, Ana Catarina Mendes, who added the information that the proposal will be presented later this week in the AR.

“We must not miss the unique and extraordinary opportunity that this PRR can bring to the country, not only in the financial dimension, but also with regard to the modernization of our society and our economy,” said Ana Catarina Mendes to Lusa, after the meeting with the minister.

The socialist guarantees that the PS’s objective is not to hinder the execution of the program, which extends until 2026, in addition to the current legislature. “On the contrary, it is a matter of taking over the inspection of the Government’s acts. But it is also good not to forget that the PRR already provides for a monitoring committee ”, he recalled.

PSD presses Costa

Following the meeting in which the minister presented “brief topics” of the PRR, the PSD insisted on the criticism that there are few companies in the recovery plan and considered that “It was not clear” whether party contributions were incorporated into the near-final version of the document.

“We maintain the criticism that there is a diminishing of companies in this process and it was very important that they were more closely monitored, more stimulated,” said the Social Democratic parliamentary leader, Adão Silva, quoted by Lusa.

“We insist that there should be a re-weighting,” he said, stressing that, despite the “complaints” made during the public debate, the amount allocated to companies should be identical to the initial amount – 4.6 billion euros.

On the positive side, Adão Silva pointed out that PSD deputies “fought for the inclusion of a specific amount of support for culture”, which was included in the new version of the document and which is around 260 million euros.

For the deputy, “It would be pitiful” that the Portuguese presidency of the European Council would end in June, without the country being able to use “one cent of the billions” foreseen in the PRR.

Asked about the PS’s proposal to create a parliamentary control mechanism for the PRR, extending the scope of the eventual commission to monitor covid-19, the PSD’s parliamentary leader did not want to compromise with the form, saying that this would imply an adaptation composition of this commission.

Also the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, is aware of this issue and promised that his second term will have the PRR among the priorities.

A government team led by the Minister of Planning, Nelson de Souza, will also be received in Belém on the 16th of April.

Ana Isabel Moura Ana Isabel Moura, ZAP // Lusa


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