PS refuses to withdraw from the 180-day trial period – ZAP


António Cotrim / Lusa

Socialists made viable the communist bill, which foresees the repeal of the extension of the experimental period, but remember that, in this case, “no reason was produced that would change the point of view” of the party.

The PS generally made viable, at the end of June, the PCP bill that provides for the repeal of the trial period 180 days in hiring workers looking for their first job and long-term unemployed.

However, and despite this situation, the socialists do not see the need to mess with article 112 of the Labor Code, advances the Público newspaper, making use of the ruling of the Constitutional Court published in early June.

The extension of the trial period was one of the changes to the labor law on which a request for verification of constitutionality was made, with the Constitutional Court having considered unconstitutional only the part that refers to workers who are in first job search, “when applicable to workers who have previously been hired, with term, for a period equal to or greater than 90 days, by other employer(s), for violation of the principle of equality”.

Speaking to the morning, socialist deputy Nuno Sá acknowledged the existence of “common general objectives”, but recalled that this “does not mean a blank check à proposta do PCP ”.

“It only means the commitment, which we assumed when we voted in favour, to improve the proposals presented by the PCP to fight precariousness. There are some matters that we are closer to, there are other matters, see the question of the experimental period, where we are less“, he also stated, recalling that the TC “proved the PS right, except in relation to a specific situation”.

Regarding the experimental period, Nuno Sá highlighted that the PS is “convinced” that the changes introduced “combat precariousness”. “No reason was produced that would change the PS’s point of view”, he wanted to make it clear.

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