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PS wants Cavaco Silva to say “when did he hear about BES’s hole”


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Tiago Petinga / Lusa

Former President of the Republic, Aníbal Cavaco Silva

The PS wants the former President of the Republic Cavaco Silva to clarify “when he learned about the BES hole” and why he “did not act in a timely manner” to avoid the capital increase, which generated “a universe of injured parties”.

To the Lusa agency, João Paulo Correia, PS coordinator in the Eventual Parliamentary Inquiry Commission on the losses recorded by Novo Banco and attributed to the Resolution Fund, said which are the questions that the party wants to be answered in writing by Cavaco Silva.

“The questions that have to be asked of Cavaco Silva, who was President of the Republic, the highest political authority at the time, it is confirmed that it became aware at the end of March 2014 of BES’s exposure to GES and whether this was the first time that it had access to inside information from BES ”, he asks.

The socialist deputy also wants the former head of state to confirm that he “had knowledge of the GES hole in May 2014”.

“About everything why you didn’t take any steps at that time, in those months, so that the capital increase, which took place in June of that year, would not take place ”, he asks.

According to João Paulo Correia, “what everyone asks is why this capital increase was not avoided, which, as is known today, generated a universe of injured parties”.

“These are the questions that are asked to Cavaco Silva, who had privileged contact with Ricardo Salgado: when did you hear about BES’s hole, why did you not act on time and if you have taken any steps“, He summarized, considering that until today these answers have never been obtained.

“Although under the legal regime of the parliamentary inquiry” Cavaco Silva has “the right not to answer“, The socialist deputy hopes that these answers will be given,“ for the sake of democratic scrutiny, for the sake of exercising parliamentary oversight ”.

We are not counting that Cavaco Silva runs away from the answers. We expect you to answer and these are the questions that we consider essential and are the questions that the Portuguese have wanted to ask Cavaco Silva for many years ”, he said.

This request for written testimony is part of a joint request, requested precisely by the PS, since, according to João Paulo Correia, “there were at least two rounds of contact meetings between Ricardo Salgado and the authorities policies at the time ”that aimed to“ win the support of these political authorities for the objectives of Ricardo Salgado ”.

“We know today that part of these objectives, with these political authorities, were achieved by suspending changes to the governance of BES, changes that, if implemented, would have prevented a greater hecatombe“, He accused.

This week, the Bloco de Esquerda, as reported by the Lusa agency, has also released the questions it wants to ask the former head of state, intending that Cavaco Silva clarify on what information he was based to speak, in 2014, of “stability and solidity” Portuguese banking system, asking the former President of the Republic if he “received donations” from BES or GES.

The PS requested, on March 25, the written testimony of the former President of the Republic Cavaco Silva, of the former prime ministers Durão Barroso and Passos Coelho and the face-to-face hearing of the former European commissioner Carlos Moedas in the committee of inquiry of the Novo Banco , this hearing that happened this week.

The announcement was made in parliament by the coordinator of the PS on this commission of inquiry, João Paulo Correia, one day after the hearing of José Honório, former administrator of BES and Novo Banco, who, according to the socialist, revealed that the former president of BES Ricardo Salgado delivered, in 2014, a memorandum to each of the political authorities in which it was able to account for the “giant hole in which the GES was inserted”.

“A few weeks later, after these meetings that Ricardo Salgado had with all these political authorities, after knowing the size of the hole in the Espírito Santo Group, BES’s capital increase of around one billion euros took place”, he said, considering that political, European and national authorities “did nothing to prevent this capital increase that generated thousands of injured parties” in Portugal.

For the PS, there are responsibilities that “are not sufficiently clarified by these political authorities ”.


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