PSB asks Fachin to summon Rio governor for operation in Jacarezinho – Prime Time Zone


Party, which filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court to reduce police lethality, suspects that Rio’s security forces have failed to comply with their determination to enter favelas only in exceptional situations

José Lucena / The News 2 / Estadão Content – 06/05/2021Police officers participate in operation in the Jacarezinho favela, north of Rio

O Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) asked the Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) Edson Fachin that summons the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro, so that he proves that the state administration did not hurt the Court’s determination to carry out police raids in favelas only in exceptional situations. On Thursday, 6, an operation in the favela do Jacarezinho, in the northern part of the capital of Rio de Janeiro, left 29 dead (28 suspects and a civil police officer). Plaintiff of an action calling for a reduction in police lethality, which will be discussed in the STF as of the next 21st, the party questions the legality of the action of the civil police in Rio de Janeiro. “I believe that the operation was not carried out in accordance with the STF’s decision. For this very reason, a rigorous investigation and the corresponding punishment of police officers who committed excesses will be necessary ”, said Carlos Siqueira, PSB’s national president.

Castro rejects the thesis that the STF decision was not complied with. “It is necessary to make it clear that the operation was the faithful execution of dozens of arrest warrants. It was ten months of investigative work that revealed the routine of terror and humiliation that the traffic imposed on residents. Children were enticed and co-opted for crime. Entire families were expelled from their homes and killed ”, justified the governor. Residents say some suspects were executed, which the police deny. This Saturday, 8, the Black Coalition for Rights held a protest at Masp, in Sao Paulo, asking for “justice for Jacarezinho” and “the end of the Military Police”. Rio de Janeiro e Belo Horizonte they also had demonstrations against police violence.