PTB announces expulsion of Cristiane Brasil, daughter of Roberto Jefferson – Prime Time Zone


The decision comes at a time when leaders of the acronym are working to make possible the affiliation of President Jair Bolsonaro to the party

André Dusek/Estadão ContentCristiane Brasil is the daughter of Roberto Jefferson, national president of the PTB

O PTB announced, on Wednesday night, 6, the expulsion of Cristiane Brazil, daughter of the national president of the legend, Robert Jefferson, from the pocket blogger Oswaldo Eustáquio and Pastor Fadi Faraj, from the party cadres. “The PTB Legal Secretariat informs that Cristiane Brasil, Fadi Faraj and Oswaldo Eustáquio will be expelled from the party. In addition, Fadi Faraj and Oswaldo Eustáquio will respond for a slanderous denunciation after the dissemination of fake news about the party, in particular against Vice-President Graciela Nienov”, says the note published on the official Twitter profile of the acronym. Brazil responded to the statement. “I want to see”, he wrote – the publication was deleted. For a few days, Jefferson’s daughter has been critical of Nienov’s management in posts on social media.

Despite the decision, PTB vice president Graciela Nienov denies that there is an internal split. She claims the legend is “100% united” in favor of the affiliation of President Jair Bolsonaro, who has been without a party since November 2019, when he left the PSL. THE Young pan, she highlighted that the state leaders signed a document reiterating the party’s interest in sheltering the head of the federal Executive. When asked about exchanging barbs with Jefferson’s daughter, Nienov said: “Out of respect for my leader [Roberto Jefferson], I don’t want to comment on Cristiane’s hysterical speeches. I guarantee you there is no division. But this is the subject I don’t want to deal with.”