PTB nods to pocketnarism with a promise of loyalty and a ‘free hand’ to choose elective positions – Prime Time Zone


Legend dreams of the affiliation of President Jair Bolsonaro, but keeps doors open to receive parliamentarians aligned with the government

Reproduction/PTBPresident Jair Bolsonaro met with PTB summit at Planalto Palace

In the penultimate week of September, the senator Flavio Bolsonaro (Patriota-RJ) met with the businessman Otávio Fakhoury, president of the state directory of PTB in São Paulo, to address the possible affiliation of the president Jair Bolsonaro. In charge of negotiating with party leaders the fate of the country’s president, who has not been signed up since leaving the PSL in November 2019, son Zero Um left the meeting with a positive sign: the acronym chaired by Robert Jefferson agreed to give Bolsonaro the prerogative to pick the 27 senators who will run for election next year. PTB members know that the head of the federal Executive has been courted by chiefs and leaders of other parties, as is the case of Progressistas (PP), for example. Even so, they beckon to pocketbookism with the statutory change and the promise of unconditional support.

The PTB offensive has been going on for some time. Before Roberto Jefferson’s arrest, the former parliamentarian and the party’s national vice president, Graciela Nienov, met with Jair Bolsonaro at the Planalto Palace. “Invitations were made several times. But there is no negotiation. Trading is a later stage. At the meeting in Brasília, we talked about projects: we showed the president that our statute is in line with everything he represents and we made a point of saying that the PTB is 100% united on his behalf, we would be with him. His coming, let’s say, would be a perfect wedding,” Nienov told Young pan. Last Wednesday, Graciela gathered the caption’s summit to pass on the content of the conversation to the coreligionists. At this meeting, they closed the question on a document to be sent by Bolsonaro, in a sign of union. This Friday, the 8th, the relationship gained a new chapter: the acronym issued a note, in which it states that “the members of the PTB National Executive and the PTB State Presidents decided to signal to the President of the Republic that the party is the real House of the Brazilian Conservator, and is designed to receive as members their descendants, especially those who return to their former home”.

As Young Pan showed, negotiations for Bolsonaro’s affiliation to Progressistas, led by the Minister of the Civil House, Ciro Nogueira, by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), and by the government leader, Ricardo Barros (PP-PR) , advanced in recent weeks. One wing of the party, including, the arrival of the head of the federal Executive is already taken for granted.. Despite this, the PTB remains optimistic. “In the case of the PP, there are states in which they are in league with parties that do not dialogue with Bolsonaro. How is the president going to launch a candidate there?”, Fakhoury told the reporter. In Bahia, for example, Governor Rui Costa (PT) has as vice the former federal deputy João Leão (PP), father of deputy Cacá Leão, leader of the Pepistas in the Chamber. “That’s why we launched the proposal that here he [Bolsonaro] will be able to choose the candidates. In Bahia, he might want to launch minister João Roma. In Rio Grande do Norte, the minister Rogério Marinho. In Pernambuco, Gilson Machado, from Tourism. All these names would be accepted and welcomed at the PTB. And we have the attraction of the statute, with clear guidelines on government agendas that Bolsonaro has always defended. We can demand adherence to these themes”, follows the president of the São Paulo directory.

Roberto Jefferson’s caption also gives the President of the Republic the power to appoint a member of the commission that deals with the distribution of Fundão resources, an attribution of the National Executive. Even if the President of the Republic seals his marriage with the PP, the PTB will remain faithful to the pocketbook. The party even hopes to receive deputies who support Bolsonaro and who are in other acronyms, such as the approximately 20 PSL parliamentarians who will follow another path after the merger with the DEM. “We are excited about the possibility of membership, but the support is unconditional. Our position will not change”, sentences Fakhoury.