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PUBG Mobile has released Patch 1.3. This includes the newest festival mode available to celebrate Pubby’s anniversary. New mode

PUBG Mobile has released Patch 1.3. This includes a new festival mode to celebrate Pubby’s anniversary. The new mode is called Hundred Rhythms. It is set on the Erangel map. Players are coming to the music festival with a music arm band with three unique skills. Patch 1.3 brings a new weapon to PUBG Mobile‌ along with several performance improvements. The PUBG Mobile Royal Pass season, also known as Hundred Rhythms, kicks off on March 18. Newly arrived Skills IOS is 1.55 GB for Android users, 640MB in size.

PUBG Mobile Patch 1.3 Changelog ..

PUBG Mobile gets the new Hundred Rhythms mode. It only plays in Erangel. Players will receive an arrow to choose one of three skills on Spawn Island. Skills include Guardian Arm Bond, Recon Arm Bond and Camouflage Arm Bond. These can be upgraded by collecting cassettes on the map. These fireworks consist of two passive skills with one active skill. Guardian armband can create a barrier that minimizes damage taken from bullets. Recon Armband allows a player to throw a scanning device that scans enemies and indicates where they are. The camouflage fireworks allow players to change their attire into a gilly suit for a limited time and hide a backpack with weapons.

It consists of three electronic music squares. One is on Spawn Island and the other is in Erangel. Here players can listen to dance music. The new feature introduced by PUBG Mobile also brings a clown shop vehicle. It allows players to supply clown tokens and deal with unique items. The Clowns Tricks feature will be available from March 31st. PUBG Mobile Metro Royal Uncover will be available from March 9th. There will be new prizes as well as elite enemies randomly created on the map. The longer the boat the enemies are going to become smarter. Tikhar rifle deleted in new game. Also made some weapon balancing adjustments. Players can play Power Armor mode every Friday to Sunday. It also has a new sniper rifle called the Mosin-Nagant, as well as a new vehicle called a motor glider. The Royal Pass season of PUBG Mobile starts on 18th March 17th and will give double rank rewards.

PUBG Mobile Patch 1.3 also brings performance improvements, security enhancements, and system enhancements. MSAA, HDR issues in iOS 14.3 fixed. Added machine learning algorithms to filter out suspicious player behavior, while other changes improved graphics rendering. PUBG mobile is still banned in India. But publisher Crafton seems to be working closely with the Indian government to bring it back. A new version of the game, PUBG: New State was also announced recently, but it was not made available for pre-registration in India as the publisher said that PUBG initially focused on Mobile India.

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