Queiroz participates in an act in favor of Bolsonaro in Copacabana – Prime Time Zone


Investigated in the case of the ‘cracks’ in the office of Flávio Bolsonaro, a former military policeman was grouped up by protesters and posed for a fact alongside the Pocketnarista deputy Otoni de Paula (PSC-RJ)

Reproduction/Twitter/@MarceloFreixoInvestigated in the ‘splits’ scheme, Queiroz participated in an act alongside a deputy from Pocket

Former advisor and former driver of the senator Flavio Bolsonaro (Patriot-RJ), Fabricio Queiroz went to the streets of Rio de Janeiro to participate in a demonstration in support of the president Jair Bolsonaro in Copacabana, in the South Zone. In images that circulate on social networks, the former military policeman, who is investigated in the case of the “rachadinhas” and was arrested at the site of Frederick Wassef, lawyer for the Bolsonaro family, appears alongside the federal deputy Otoni of Paula (PSC-RJ), ally of the country’s representative in the Chamber of Deputies. The congressman was the target of a search warrant within the scope of the inquiry that investigates the carrying out and financing of acts that attack democracy and institutions. Before arriving at the concentration, Queiroz posted a photo beside his son, inside the car, on his Instagram profile.

In Brasília, where he spoke to supporters on the Esplanade of Ministries, Bolsonaro attacked the Supreme Court (STF) and criticized the minister Alexandre de Moraes, without mentioning it by name. “We will no longer accept that any authority, using the force of Power, overrides our Constitution. We will no longer accept any measure, any action that comes from outside the four lines of the Constitution. We also cannot continue to accept that a specific person from the region of the three Powers continues to barbarize our population. We cannot accept any more political arrests in our Brazil. Or the head of this Power [ministro Luix Fux] frame yours, or that Power can suffer what we don’t want. Because we value, recognize and know the value of each Power of the Republic. We all, here in the square of the three Powers, swear to respect our Constitution. Whoever acts outside of it fits in or asks to leave. A person from the Federal Supreme Court lost the minimum conditions to remain in that court. All of us here, without exception, are the ones who will say where Brazil should go”, he said. The protesters present reacted to the cries of “I authorize” and “out, Alexandre”.