Race to Lisbon divides CDS. Mosque Nunes joins the critics


Estela Silva / Lusa

MEP Nuno Melo, from CDS/PP

The choice of Filipe Anacoreta Correia, instead of João Gonçalves Pereira, for number two on the Lisbon City Council list is generating an internal war in the CDS.

the choice of Filipe Anacoreta Correia to number two on the list of the PSD/CDS coalition to the Chamber of Lisbon, led by Carlos Moedas, is generating controversy among centrists. At issue is the fact that this choice left out the current CDS councilor, João Gonçalves Pereira.

MEP Nuno Melo, who appears to be the most likely opponent of leader Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos in the next internal elections, voted against this choice, as well as parliamentary leader Telmo Correia, advances the online newspaper Observador.

For Melo, the entire strategy of the party was wrong, as it was unable to convince Assunção Cristas to take on a new candidacy and even pushed Gonçalves Pereira, “one of the main craftsmen of victory four years ago”.

“It was thrown out overboard, replaced by Filipe Anacoreta Correia, who in what has to do with Lisbon and in this matter obviously does not compare with it”, said the MEP, quoted by the digital newspaper.

For its part, the centrist leadership accused Melo of “cynicism” and of putting its political agenda ahead of the party’s interests. The leadership also justified its choices, saying that Cristas’ removal was a choice made by them and that the exclusion of Gonçalves Pereira is explained by the need to renew the party’s lists and choices.

Now, according to TSF radio, former deputy Adolfo Mesquita Nunes joins the critics, considering that the CDS is cleaning up “some of the best” names of the party.

“In a party that values ​​merit, an essential name for the role that the CDS plays in Lisbon is vetoed: the councilor who most opposed and proposed the most. In a party that values ​​the bases, not one, but several, of the names proposed by the local structures is vetoed. In a party that values ​​work, those who worked and showed up for the CDS in Lisbon are vetoed”, wrote the former Secretary of State on his Facebook page.

“Carlos Moedas, who is an excellent candidate, deserved more: he deserved that CDS didn’t had sanitized some of its best, those who know the terrain best, those who worked the most for Lisbon. And CDS Lisboa, which every day for many years now has been building an alternative and a party, deserved more consideration and respect”, he concluded.

The former chief of staff of Paulo Portas, José Bourbon Ribeiro, resigned from the district of Lisbon, and João Seabra Duque, also from the district, and Isabel Galriça Neto, candidate for the Municipal Assembly, were other voices that showed their displeasure, adds the radio.

Also according to the Observer, deputy João Almeida has also reacted on his social networks, stating that Gonçalves Pereira “didn’t deserve this cowardly revenge”.

“There are limits. And this exception that confirms the rule results from exceeding a fundamental limit. CDS’s respect for itself and its relevance as a party. The party reorganization of the best councilor in the Lisbon City Council seriously harms the CDS and hurts the candidacy that the CDS integrates. João Gonçalves Pereira did not deserve this cowardly revenge”, he wrote.

Pedro Mota Soares, former minister of Social Security, also opted for social media to highlight that Gonçalves Pereira “It’s just the best CML councilor”, because in the opposition “he knows how to criticize what is wrong, but he also knows how to propose what should be an alternative”.

“A CDS list without João’s presence is a poorer list, which does not recognize the merit, social sensitivity, work capacity and knowledge of the themes of someone who has already given and wants to continue to give his best to the your city. Promoting merit, social sensitivity, work capacity and knowledge of dossiers could be a CDS motto. With this exclusion they did exactly the opposite”, it can be read.

Tonight, Monday to TSF, a new meeting of the Lisbon council of the CDS is scheduled to debate a possible replacement of Anacoreta Correia by the council’s leader, Diogo Moura.

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