Rafa Kalimann: “There is prejudice against those who come from social networks”


Ex-BBB is a label that few participants in reality show have taken over since the last editions of the program. After leaving, whether through elimination, or as champions, many aim at entrepreneurship. Launching companies, collaborating with brands and commanding television programs are some of the new careers to be followed. For Rafa Kalimann, second place in the BBB 20, all the options mentioned were embraced.

At 28, the Minas Gerais woman has a 14-year career. The beginning was early. Already in her teens, when she left Campina Verde, Minas Gerais, she tried a career as a model in São Paulo. It was still Rafaella Freitas Ferreira de Castro Matthaus and wanted to be one in a million. But the time was not yet.

“This time made me gain a lot of experience. I am very grateful that I was able to bring a very valuable experience for what I do today. Nowadays, everything I do, every work and decision is a little bit like that”, comments Kalimann in an interview with Prime Time Zone.

Years have passed and social media has brought more than 15 minutes of fame to some. This was the case with Kalimann. A thermometer for recognition and advertising contracts, the businesswoman’s Instagram has 22.2 million followers, and is a showcase for her career as an influencer, presenter and entrepreneur.