Renan downplays the PF’s investigation and says that Bolsonaro’s prevarication ‘is confirmed’ – Prime Time Zone


According to Covid-19’s CPI reporter, the president did not take action after receiving the Miranda brothers’ complaint about irregularities in the purchase of the Covaxin vaccine

Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Senate AgencyRenan Calheiros said that the Supreme Court has already considered more than two-thirds of the investigations against him

the senator Renan Calheiros (MDB) considers the president Jair Bolsonaro committed crime of malfeasance in the case of negotiating the vaccine Covaxin. “He took no action due to the information he received. Assumed that you received [os irmãos Miranda], so that audio that was widely speculated that it could be presented is no longer so much in need. Except for the need to add some names to the denunciation made by the President of the Republic himself”, said the CPI rapporteur of Covid-19 in an interview with Jornal da Manhã Interview, from Prime Time Zone News Fortaleza, which airs this Saturday, 17. In addition to the vaccine case, the politician also commented on the Federal Police’s investigations against him. “I was president of the National Congress at the time of Lava Jato and the task force had as a clear target the president of the National Congress, who was a kind of president of politics. And they opened more than 30 investigations against me without any concrete facts. Of these more than 30 investigations, the Supreme Court has already considered more than two thirds of them”, he said.

Calheiros was also asked about his parliamentary colleague, Flavio Bolsonaro (PSL), son of President Jair Bolsonaro, who called him a “vagabon”. The rapporteur of CPI to Covid-19 he said he reacted to the provocations, but he shouldn’t have. “I didn’t understand that, because when he addressed me, I had the impression that he was addressing Queiroz, Adriano da Nóbrega, Ronnie Lessa. I mean, because these are the people who live with him. The militia member uses to call everyone who disputes him a bum. And the militiaman think that he is not a criminal, that he does not commit a crime”, he stated. Flávio Bolsonaro filed this Thursday, 15, at the Ethics Council of the Federal Senate a representation against Renan Calheiros for abuse of his constitutional prerogatives. According to Flávio, the rapporteur set up a “parallel bunker” to obtain information illegally. The Ethics Council, however, has been suspended since last year due to the pandemic and there is still no forecast to return to work.

*With information from the reporter Fernando Martins