Rendeiro changed lawyers during the flight.


Tiago Petinga / Lusa

The former president of the BPP, João Rendeiro

João Rendeiro has a new defense team after having switched lawyers when he had already left the country, to escape arrest. Now, one of its lawyers is Abel Marques, secretary general of ANTRAL, who is chaired by the father of Rendeiro’s former driver, the same one who is involved in the mess with Quinta Patino’s property.

It was on 6 October that João Rendeiro informed the court of the change in his defense team, with the presentation of a power of attorney that “expressly” revokes the powers given to the lawyer Carlos do Paulo.

This information is provided by TVI, which had access to the power of attorney, where it is noted that the former banker is now represented by Abel Marques, Joana M. Fonseca and Joana Cunha de Almeida.

Note that Joana M. Fonseca represented Rendeiro in some of the legal proceedings in which he was involved, but ended up leaving his defense. Now, come back to represent him.

Upon delivery of this power of attorney, the former banker was already out of the country. And a few days before that, hours after Rendeiro’s flight was announced, lawyer Carlos do Paulo said he didn’t know where he was.

Carlos do Paulo, who represented the BPP victims, also stated, in an interview with TVI, that I didn’t have to know where Rendeiro was., because, in that case, he would have to reveal his whereabouts to justice.

However, SIC Notícias assures that Carlos do Paulo continues to represent Rendeiro in some of the processes that involve him.

Carlos do Paulo is being investigated by the Council of Deontology of the Portuguese Bar Association due to a possible conflict of interest for having represented both the victims of the BPP and one of the people responsible for the losses they suffered.

Meanwhile, Rendeiro included in his defense team, Abel Marques who is general secretary of ANTRAL, the National Association of Road Transport in Light Vehicles. This entity is chaired by the father of Rendeiro’s former driver, Florêncio Almeida, who is involved in the “real estate plot” with the property of Quinta Patino, in Cascais.

The president of ANTRAL, and father of the former driver of Rendeiro, recognizes that the former president of the BPP met the lawyer Abel Marques through him, as mentioned by the Expresso.

Florêncio Almeida also assures that “Abel Marques followed” the process of ceding the usufruct of the Quinta do Patino house “from the start”.

Note that Rendeiro’s former driver, son of the president of ANTRAL, bought a property at Quinta Patino for around one million euros, later ceding its usufruct to Maria de Jesus Rendeiro for 201,000 euros.

Rendeiro’s wife can be charged

This week, the Judiciary Police (PJ) went to Quinta Patino, where Rendeiro’s wife lives, to pick up the works of art that were pawned to the former banker, in November 2010. But Maria de Jesus Rendeiro did not let them be removed from the house.

They are in cause 109 works of art whose value has never been evaluated in the context of the various lawsuits against the former banker.

The works will have been acquired with money allegedly embezzled from the BPP, according to the suspicions of the Public Ministry (MP). In addition, authorities suspect that several of the works will have been replaced by fake copies.

If this suspicion is confirmed, Maria de Jesus Rendeiro may be held criminally responsible, as the works were in her custody. concerned are crimes of embezzlement or destruction of objects in the custody of the State.

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