Rio says Costa “did not have the level that a prime minister should have”


Filipe Farinha / Lusa

Rui Rio today accused the Prime Minister of having taken the “almost insult” in the interview published on Sunday and of “he does not want to do any reform” in Justice when he “should be the first” to do it due to Operation Marquis “and other cases ”.

“We are in a country beyond economic and health issues. We know that there is a serious problem with Justice, justice does not work, Justice is not in accordance with the fundamental parameters of the State of the Democratic Right and what the Prime Minister has to say to the proposals that we have made of structural reform of Justice (…) he takes almost for the insult ”, argued the social-democratic leader .

The leader of the Social Democrats, who was speaking to journalists at the PSD headquarters in Porto, after meeting with the Union of Justice Officials, began by saying that about António Costa’s interview with DN, JN and TSF, published on Sunday , in Notícias Magazine, “I could say a lot”, but I would not do it to “not fall in an identical level”.

“If I said too much, it would fall on a level identical to his, and I don’t want to. The interview did not have the level it should have for a prime minister. The insults he almost did not interest me in the future of the country, but I draw conclusions. I think that, unfortunately, we all came to the conclusion that Dr. António Costa and this Government do not want to do any reform ”, he said.

The PSD’s president considered that the interview left the idea that “there is no hope that this Government will reform the justice system”, a PS Government that Rio believes should be “the first to learn and wish there was reform in Justice ”.

“This Government, and in particular this Socialist Party, should be the first to learn and to wish for justice reform. It is in the framework that they ask about Operation Marquis and the engineer Joseph Socrates that he addresses the first unpleasant words, practically insults, to me. In the face of a case like Operation Marquis and many others, the answer should not be to insult the opposition, but to open up to reform justice in Portugal, ”he said.

António Costa, on Sunday compared PSD President Rui Rio to “a cat-wind”And warned of the democratic dangers of“ contamination of the PSD by the ideas of Chega ”.

“A vane has a big advantage over dr. Rui Rio: is that a pinwheel at least has cardinal points, dr. Rui Rio doesn’t have it, ”said the socialist leader and prime minister in an interview with DN, JN and TSF.

With regard to the possibility of an agreement in court between the two largest parties, the secretary general of the PS harsh criticisms of the social democratic leader, stating that “he gave up competing for the center with the PS and the only thing he now wants to compete for is 2 or 3% of the votes with Chega”, having made an agreement in the Azores and “he has already imported a lady as a candidate for the Chamber of Deputies Amadora ”, Suzana Garcia.