Rosa Weber authorizes investigation to investigate Bolsonaro for alleged malfeasance in the case of Covaxin – Prime Time Zone


Decision met a request by the Attorney General’s Office presented this Friday, 2; due diligence will determine whether the president failed to take appropriate action after reporting fraud

WALLACE MARTINS/FUTURA PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENTThe case would have been reported by the Miranda brothers to the president during a meeting at the Palácio da Alvorada

To the minister Rosa Weber of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) authorized the opening of an inquiry against the president Jair Bolsonaro on suspicion of malfeasance in the case of the purchase of vaccine Covaxin. The decision met a request by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) also presented this Friday, 2. The case refers to the complaint made by the deputy Luis Miranda and the Health server, Luis Ricardo Miranda, that the employee had been pressured to sign the fraudulent contract for the purchase of the Indian vaccine after negotiations by Necessidade Medicos. The case was reportedly reported by the Miranda brothers to the president during a meeting at the Palácio da Alvorada. According to their testimony in CPI to Covid-19, the representative would have replied that this type of negotiation would be the deputy’s thing Ricardo Barros, leader of the government in the Chamber. The inquiry will find out whether Bolsonaro failed to take the appropriate steps to investigate the complaint. The federal government claims that the president notified then-minister Eduardo Pazuello, who ended up being dismissed the following day, March 23. Covaxin’s contract was only suspended in the last week.

The rapporteur of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI), senator Renan Calheiros, stated on social networks that the inquiry is “the concrete result of the CPI’s work in the Precise/Covaxin scandal”. According to him, this is “the least of crimes” and on “January 8, 2021 the president asked for the corruption vaccine.” Co-author of the crime report that gave rise to the PGR’s request, Senator Randolfe Rodrigues commemorated the decision. “It is a sign of the functioning of democratic institutions in our country. The commission will be available to provide all the necessary information and elements that, I am sure, at the end of the inquiry, will show that the president of the republic, armed with all the information to curb a crime of corruption he didn’t,” he said. In conversation with supporters, President Jair Bolsonaro mocked members of the CPI. “A good doctor, Dr. Omar Aziz, another good one is also Renan Calheiros. There’s one even better, bouncy senator, he knows all about Covid-19,” he said.

As investigation steps, the attorney general indicates: “to request information from the Federal Comptroller General, the Federal Court of Accounts, the Federal District Attorney’s Office, and in particular the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission of the pandemic on procedures related to the facts and sharing evidence”; “to produce evidence, including through witnesses, on the practice of the official act after the stipulated period or normal time for execution, characterization of intent, direct or eventual, plus the intention to satisfy personal interest or feeling”; “listen to the alleged authors of the fact”. The last item opens the possibility for the president to be heard by the Attorney General. The case has also had repercussions in the Chamber of Deputies, members of the “poconarista” base, such as Carlos Jordy, have criticized the position. “They create narratives every day, against the president, against the government and the president only comes out stronger. Those who completed corruption in previous governments, said the deputy. the attorney general Augusto Aras had asked to await the conclusion of the CPI of Covid-19 to decide whether or not to ask for the opening of the investigation. However, Rosa Weber denied the possibility saying that the collegiate does not prevent the investigation by the Federal Public Ministry.

*With information from the reporter Levy Guimarães