RRR mention .. ‘Real’ business in full swing!


The real estate business is booming with the Regional Ring Road proposal. Land prices between the Outer Ring Road and the proposed Regional Ring Road have plummeted. While many farmers who are unaware of the Regional Ring Road are selling their lands for their financial needs, big companies are buying real estate companies. Up to 10 major junctions in the middle from the Outer Ring Road to the Regional Ring Road. Link roads are being developed. There was a real estate boom in the villages there.

Prime Time Zone, Telangana Bureau: Maniharam Outer Ring Road was once the city of Hyderabad. Now the appearance of the city has changed. Hyderabad extends from GHMC to Outer. There have been countless projects. Thousands of colonies sprang up. IT, the Industrial Revolution came. Now that the Center has given the green signal in principle for the Regional Ring Road project, the state government has allocated Rs 750 crore in the budget for land acquisition. With this, the real estate sector is booming. The ruling party leaders and real estate experts are of the view that the growth in the real sector after the formation of the Outer Ring Road is now possible with the Regional Ring Road. Among the many new ventures, the mention of the Outer Ring Road and the Regional Ring Road has increased. The prices of worn-out lay-outs in the villages have also risen sharply. Until yesterday, the yard price was Rs. The 5-fingered plot rate has doubled. The project has been a boon for real estate companies. Became the highway to business growth. From Hyderabad city to Mahabubnagar, Ibrahimpatnam, Chautaupal, Yadadri, Vikarabad, Medak, Siddipet .. Land prices have skyrocketed on all sides. Not only real estate companies but also celebrities and the wealthy have bought large tracts of land with the idea of ​​a regional ring road. Their perception is that prices will rise in the future. Those who bought an acre for ten lakh rupees are now not ready to sell even though it is priced at crores. This is due to the perception that the price will go up further after the arrival of the Regional Ring Road.

Outer are all theirs

Many farmers who were unaware of the Regional Ring Road were sold for their financial needs. Recent land sales in the villages after the Outer Ring Road have been booming. 30 km from Shamshabad. Hundreds of acres are reported to have been bought by big companies. It is learned that lands in most of the villages in Keshampet zone have been bought by big real estate companies and pharma companies. Each company has hundreds of acres in its name. Many companies have focused on lands in Kondareddypalli, Kakunur and Chinnarevelli villages. Land prices, which were recently below Rs 20 lakh, have now crossed Rs 40 lakh. In the villages of Himajipur, Burgula, Raikal, Chintagudem, Madhurapur and Kansanpalli, big companies have also set up camps. Nagarjun Sagar, Srisailam, Warangal, Karimnagar, Nizamabad Highway is about 100 km from Hyderabad. Boundary stones are now visible on farms until. Fences and fencing are everywhere. Prahari is more than crop fields. The terrestrial world is being explored with the Regional Ring Road.

Farm house culture

Cine celebrities and actors have been buying large tracts of land here for ten years. Farmhouses were built. Fencing around is routine. All of these were measured between the Outer Ring Road and the proposed Regional Ring Road. Tens of cinematic estates have sprung up in Shadnagar, Keshampet and Vikarabad.

Real land around junctions (box)

Up to 10 major junctions in the middle from the Outer Ring Road to the Regional Ring Road. Link roads are being developed. There was a real estate boom in the villages there. There is a lot of hype that the project will become a carafe address for development. Land acquisition for the Regional Ring Road has become a challenge for the government as land prices have risen for 11 years to build the Outer Ring Road. Pharma City faced a similar dilemma. The government feels that persuading them to give up land at prices set by the government will not be easy. All the major companies have boasted about the project and raised prices. With land acquisition issues it is not clear when this project will be completed.

Appearance of the Regional Ring Road

Districts: Rangareddy, Medak, Mahabubnagar, Nallagonda (Joint Districts)
Zones: 24
Villages: 125
Length: 283.53 km.
Four parts: Tupran to Malkapur, Malkapur to Shad Nagar, Shad Nagar to Kaulampet, Kaulampet to Tupran

Major junctions:
S. Section Section Village ORR Junction Distance from ORR

1. Hyderabad-Nagpur Tupran Kandlakoya 26.2 km.
2. Hyderabad-Medak Narsapur Dommarapochampally 24.3 km.
3. Hyderabad-Pune Kaulampet is 10.3 km long.
4. Hyderabad-Vikarabad Chevella Appa 25.9 km.
5. Hyderabad-Bangalore Shad Nagar Kishan Guda 23.1 km
6. Hyderabad-Srisailam Kottur Chandrayangutta 12.8 km.
7. Hyderabad-Sagar Agapalli Mangalpalli 15.2 km.
8. Hyderabad- Vijayawada Malkapur Amber Peta 15.7 km.
9. Hyderabad-Warangal Bhubaneswar Pocharam 18 km.
10. Hyderabad-Siddhipeta Mulugu Shamir Peta 20 km.

Total cost (according to Private Associates)
Sr. Item Two Lines Four Lines

1. Civil construction Rs.2073 crore Rs.4239 crore
2. Land acquisition is Rs 297 crore to Rs 297 crore
– It was created before the iden- tities. Now land acquisition is likely to triple. Approximately 2,550 acres are expected to be collected.

Outer appearance around Hyderabad

Project cost: 6696 crores
Outer Ring Road Length: 158 km
Speed ​​limit (vehicle speed limit): 100 km / h (kmph)
Right off road (ROW): 150 meters
Main‌ Carriageway: Eight lines
Central median: 5 meters
On both sides of service roads: two lines
Interchanges: 19
Concreting: December 2006
Available: 2011
100 percent complete: July 2017
– Villages between Outer Ring Road, GHMC area become towns. Almost all of them were transformed into municipalities and corporations. Revenue streams for local companies have also increased.