Rui Moreira guarantees an absolute majority. PS plummets – ZAP


José Coelho / Lusa

Rui Moreira presents his candidacy to the Porto City Council

The mayor of Porto should consolidate his legitimacy at the head of the municipality. In turn, the PS runs the risk of losing ten percentage points of votes compared to 2017.

The opinion study by the Portuguese Catholic University Survey Center (CESOP) made for Público and RTP, and released this Wednesday, shows that Rui Moreira will achieve a absolute majority with 45% of votes, which represents a result slightly higher than in 2017.

According to the survey, the big loser will be the PS, which should lose ten percentage points of voting intentions between the candidacy of Manuel Pizarro (2017) and that of Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro (2021). However, it remains above the PSD which this year improves slightly to 14% with happy Vladimir, a bet by Rui Rio.

The nearly 207 thousand voters in the municipality of Porto must guarantee the renewal of the mandate of the CDU, which is a candidate Ilda Figueiredo, with 7% of voting intentions, two percentage points more than in 2017.

However, the poll indicates that no other party is likely to get a seat in the chamber, including the Left Bloc, which reaches 4%, down from 5.3% in 2017.

PAN and Chega appear with 3% and the remaining parties such as Livre and Volt Portugal fall short of 1% of voting intentions.

Regarding the expectations of Porto residents as to who will win these elections, there is no doubt: 69% are betting on Rui Moreira, which contrasts with only 7% for Tiago Barbosa Ribeiro and 5% for another candidate.

In terms of number of terms, the independent movement of Moreira, which is supported by Liberal Initiative, could go up to eight, which would mean that the PS would lose one of the four mandates it currently has in the Porto municipality.

Elected by the movement of Moreira resign their mandate in Campanhã

Four of the five elements elected by Rui Moreira’s independent movement to the Parish Assembly of the Parish Council of Campanhã, in 2017, resigned from their position, leaving criticism to the president of the Porto Chamber.

Carlos Gagliardini Grace, the CDS mayor, justifies his departure saying that he does not understand the reasons that led Rui Moreira to support the socialist Ernesto Santos, current president of the Parish Council elected by the PS, in 2017.

According to Gagliardini Graça, in these local elections, the mayor of Porto decided not to vote in the parish council in order to support Ernesto Santos, who is in re-candidate.“I can’t sponsor a situation like this”, refers to the Public.

“I don’t understand this political maneuver. I am a member of the CDS and it does not occur to me to have the active or passive attitude of supporting the PS list for the Parish Council of Campanhã, led by the PS”, he told Público.

The leader of the independent movement’s bench in the Parish Council of Campanhã, Cândido Belt, refused to make statements about the situation, submitting a position for after the local elections.

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