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PSD leader Rui Rio

This Tuesday, the leader of the PSD, Rui Rio, ended the party’s parliamentary days with strong criticisms of the socialists.

Rui Rio he accused António Costa and the PS of not wanting to carry out the reforms that the country needs because there is a “culture” in the Socialist Party that prevents it from reforming.

PS is the first reason we don’t reform. Because the PS, in its culture, regardless of the Government that is there, only wants to maintain power to feed the socialist clientele. Therefore, the sequence is this: the Government is nominating, the PS is postponing and Portugal is languishing”, he accused, this Tuesday, cited by Público.

The Social Democrat spoke of the PSD’s proposals on justice, at the end of the party’s parliamentary days.

“Our prime minister António Costa doesn’t want to reform anything. Even though he wanted to reform, the PS wouldn’t let him reform because the PS is itself this system. It’s not just the PS, but it’s fundamentally the PS”, said the president of the PSD.

“Out of ten million Portuguese, there shouldn’t be many more than me with the moral authority to say no more effort can be made to try to bring the Government to reform,” he added, stressing his own role in the past three years as a leader. of the opposition.

“I couldn’t have made more effort, I can’t make more effort from the first day I took office to try to bring, on behalf of Portugal, the Government to the reforms. Nobody has ever done what I did”, he guaranteed.

Even so, the leader of the PSD considered that “the people will end up realizing that the country is not moving because the PS is immobilist”.

Justice is the “most pressing” reform

In his speech, one of the longest as leader of the PSD, Rio reiterated the defense that, if democracy is not quickly reformed, “the emergence of extremist movements strong will not be bad luck” but a “logical consequence of the ineptitude” of the traditional parties.

“We are lucky that in Portugal we don’t have strong extremist movements that people can cling to”, he defended. Within the framework of the necessary reforms, Rio elected, as usual, that of the justice as “the most pressing and relevant”.

“I don’t know a sector that has been so incapable of keeping up with the new times, whether in terms of its slowness, whether in its organization, whether in the lack of technical knowledge of the magistrates themselves, or in the deliberate violation of the secrecy of justice to encourage popular judgments,” he said.

On the way an attempt has been made to criminalize illicit or unjustified enrichment, Rio asked all politicians to be “serious” and they do not intend to convey the idea that this type of legislation – in addition to having already been considered unconstitutional twice – could put an end to corruption.

“Even if we managed to criminalize illicit enrichment, under the terms in which it went to the Constitutional Court and went back, we didn’t catch any corrupt person, at most we caught a little corrupt little one without great intelligence,” he said.

The Social Democratic leader considered that just be “a corrupt average intelligence” for, if you receive some good or undue income, put it “in the name of any friend, preferably one who lives far away”.

“We have to find a technically viable solution, but we cannot deceive people, it is not a way of debating a serious issue such as corruption”, he said.

Rio came back today to insist on changes to the composition of senior councils the Magistracy, the Public Ministry and the Administrative and Tax Courts, which imply constitutional revision. “We must put an end to the corporate logic and let these bodies breathe together with civil society,” he appealed.

In the area of ​​Justice, Rio only recognized two reforms to António Costa: “the first was to increase the salaries of magistrates, the other was to appoint a European national prosecutor according to the wishes of the Government”.

Before the start of the days, the PSD delivered three initiatives in the area of ​​justice, which will be debated in parliament on June 25, by dragging with the Government’s anti-corruption law proposals.

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