‘Sagar’ is ready to fight .. who is from which party?


Prime Time Zone, Telangana Bureau: Another election in the state is in full swing. The mics are loud with punchy dialogues. The much-anticipated Nagarjuna Sagar by-election time is approaching. To this end, the State Election Commission has released the schedule. The Central Election Commission (CEC) on Tuesday evening released by-election schedules in several states across the country. It has announced that by-elections will be held for a total of two Lok Sabha and 14 Assembly seats in the country. By-elections will be held for the Nagarjuna Sagar Legislative Assembly seat in Telangana and the Tirupati Lok Sabha seat in AP. The schedule will be released on Tuesday and 23 notifications will be issued this month, Easy said. Nagarjuna Sagar by-election polling will be held on April 17. Nominations will be accepted from the 23rd of this month. Easy has set a deadline of 30th for filing nominations. Nominations will be considered on the 31st of this month and withdrawal of nominations will take place on the 3rd of April. Polling will be held on the 17th of next month. With the death of TRS MLA Nomu Narsimhaiah in Nagarjuna Sagar and the death of YCP MP Balli Durgaprasad in Tirupati, a by-election was inevitable. With the announcement of the by-election schedule, the Election Code came into force in the respective areas.

Counting just then

Sagar, however, took a long time to count the by-elections. Counting will take place on May 2 in the states where elections are currently taking place, as well as in the by-election venues. It is learned that the EC has released the schedule for the Assembly elections in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam and Puducherry on February 26. Though it is expected that Sagar will also announce the Aroja schedule for the by-election in this order, the EC in particular released on Tuesday. In Assam, polling will be held in three tranches for 126 seats on March 27, April 1 and 6, in Tamil Nadu for 234 seats in a single tranche on April 6, in Kerala for 140 seats in a single tranche on April 6, while in West Bengal for 294 seats in a total of 8 tranches. Polling will be held there from April 27 to April 1, 6, 10, 17, 22, 26,29. Polling will be held on April 6 in 30 seats in the Union Territory of Puducherry. Against this background Easy decided to do the counting of votes everywhere on the same day. With this, polling in Sagar will end on April 17 and the results will be released on May 2.

Starting from then on

Political developments began here on December 1 last year with the death of Sagar MLA Nomula Narsimha. From the day his tenure ended, all political parties were ready for elections. The BJP has encouraged immigration from the Congress. However, with the recent issuance of Easy Notification for the five state elections, it is expected that the by-election dates will also be announced on the same day. But did not come. After that the council wanted to come during the election. Nagara finally rang the Sagar election somewhat late.

The challenge in Sagar

The Sagar by-election heat has already begun. The TRS party has appointed Mandalanico in-charge. CM KCR Sagar also held a meeting in Halia targeting the by-elections. The Congress party also announced its candidate. The BJP is also preparing for this by-election. All parties have taken the Sagar by-election as a challenge. Here they are working with the aim of ushering in the winning Assembly elections. In a similar vein, the ruling party lost the Dubaka by-election. The BJP, which had come third in the previous elections, won. This increased the aggression in the BJP. These developments have crippled the ruling party to some extent. The ticket was given to the wife of MLA Ramalingareddy, who died of sympathy. Welfare schemes, sympathetic winds not favored. The result wrapped up the defeat. The same result in GHMC after that. With this, the TRS party took the Sagar by-election very seriously. It is clear that the Pink Boss is making very careful predictions in the hunt for candidates so far. There are fears that signs that the party will lose ground if it loses in Sagar will go across the state. So far the names of three leaders have been put under consideration. However, party leaders said that the TRS was expected to make the announcement only after the BJP candidate was announced.

The BJP is also stepping up. Sagar is being challenged to give signs that the successes so far are not temporary, but are emerging as an alternative. Both the TRS and the Congress are predicting that the BJP will be defeated if the BJP loses here. Part of this is hunting for the right candidate. BC is planning to drop the candidate. But Janasena Reddy’s main supporter Indrasena Reddy from the Congress is considering giving him a ticket after joining the BJP. The survey has already been completed twice. The BJP has sought the state leadership as well as the central leadership. A section of the BJP is pushing for a ticket for Nivedita Reddy, who had contested in the past. But this time another faction is trying to change the candidate. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The TRS is looking to bring in leaders who do not get tickets in the BJP and bring them into the party. This has put the BJP in an awkward position.

Sagar elections on the other hand are very ambitious for the Congress. The superior decided to field Janareddy from the hand. Janareddy, however, continues to face opposition from grassroots leaders. But this position has already been a bastion for the Congress. In 2018, Nomula Narsimha won over Congress candidate Janareddy. There is publicity that he won with just the BC slogan. But this time they are trying to win and break it and prove their quota. Janareddy is bringing pressure from the supremacy so that all factions can come together. But with a recent statement made by Janareddy, the key Rewanth faction in the Congress is the guru.

Nagarjuna Sagar By-Election Schedule

Notification released on March 23rd
Acceptance of nominations by March 30
Examination of No Nominations on 31st March
Deadline for sub-withdrawal of nominations is April 3
Polling on April 17
Counting on May 2nd
The election process ends on May 4