Saturday again nominated to the STF may have hostile atmosphere in the Senate – Prime Time Zone


Marco Aurélio Mello retires on the next 12th; minister of the AGU, André Mendonça, is the most quoted for the nomination of Jair Bolsonaro — who promised a ‘terribly evangelical’ name

Isaac Nobrega/PRThe majority assessment is that today it still would not have enough votes to be approved

With the minister’s imminent retirement Marco Aurélio Mello, do Supreme Federal Court, a new vacancy opens from July 12th. It will be the president’s opportunity Jair Bolsonaro make the second nomination to the Court, after appointing the minister Nunes Marques last year. The nominee must pass the Senate scrutiny. It is judged by the senators in the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) and, if approved by the collegiate, goes through the analysis of the plenary — where it needs the vote of at least 41 of the 81 members of the House. The trend is for Bolsonaro to find a less favorable scenario than in the previous indication.

Senators assess that, in the midst of CPI to Covid-19, which directly affects members of the federal government, a name more ideologically linked to the president must meet resistance. Jair Bolsonaro has promised, since 2019, to appoint a “terribly evangelical” minister. However, center and opposition parliamentarians are unwilling to vote for a more conservative name. With that, government officials estimate that the president can wait a few weeks to make the nomination. The most quoted remains the current Minister of Attorney General of the Union, André Mendonça, who has been a constant presence in the Senate and has visited offices. However, the majority assessment is that today he still would not have enough votes to be approved.

*With information from the reporter Levy Guimarães