Senate President extends Covid-19’s CPI for another 90 days – Prime Time Zone


Rodrigo Pacheco accepted the request made by Randolfe Rodrigues and signed by 34 parliamentarians; with the change, the commission will extend until the end of 2021

Marcos Oliveira/Senate AgencySenate President Rodrigo Pacheco announced CPI extension during Senate session

In session in the Senate this Wednesday, 14, the president of the House, Rodrigo Pacheco, announced the extension of the period of operation of the CPI to Covid-19 for another 90 days from August 7th. “The deadline for closing the CPI falls on July 25th. We have a session tomorrow with the expectation of voting by the LDO and going into recess. Therefore, as this session today is the last one before the recess, I must communicate that I received an application requesting a period of extension of the CPI for another 90 days. The application has the necessary subscribers and will be published in order for it to take effect”, said Pacheco.

The application was made by the senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) and signed by 34 senators — seven more than the minimum necessary. The commission started on the 27th of April of that year and the deadline would be on the 7th of August. With the change, the CPI will extend until the end of 2021. This week, the CPI deepened its investigations into the case Covaxin, denounced by the Miranda brothers, and the Davati case — the target of an alleged request for a bribe by the former director of the Ministry of Health, Roberto Dias. This Tuesday and Wednesday, the Commission had the presence of the technical director of Need Medicines, Emanuela Medrades — yesterday, she was silent, so she was recalled today.