Senators will ask Pacheco to take André Mendonça’s hearing straight to the plenary – Prime Time Zone


An appeal must be made in the session this Wednesday, the 13th, the day when the indication of the ‘terribly evangelical’ name completes three months in the drawer of senator Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), president of the CCJ

Isaac Nobrega/PRDespite Alcolumbre’s resistance, president Jair Bolsonaro guarantees that he will keep André Mendonça’s choice

On the day the appointment of the former attorney general of the Union André Mendonça to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) completes three months in the drawer of Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), president of the Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) do Senate, senators will ask the president of the House, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), to conduct the hearing of the name “terribly evangelical”, chosen by the president Jair Bolsonaro, directly in the plenary. According to the report, the appeal must be made in the session this Wednesday, 13. Mendonça is the record holder in the waiting time to be tested. Among the current members of the STF, Minister Rosa Weber was the one who waited the longest: 29 days.

A week ago, senator Espiridião Amin (PP-SC) presented an urgent request to schedule the meeting in Mendonça at the CCJ. “I want to defend my reputation and that of the Senate because, here for us, when there is an unreasonable postponement, I consider that my reputation is affected. So it is in my self-defense, and I believe that of the Senate, that I propose to present this request”, said Amin in the session on Wednesday, 6. The request of the PP congressman was rejected by the vice president of the Senate, Veneziano Vital do Rego (MDB-PB). The emedebista argued that the hearing is indispensable, as it is provided for in the Federal Constitution and in the internal regulations of the Senate.

One of the signatories of the application is senator Alvaro Dias (Podemos-PR), a congressman who has publicly charged Alcolumbre in CCJ sessions. “It is up to the president of the Senate to interfere in this. We have already signed the application proposed by senator Esperidião, who proposes the hearing in the plenary and subsequent deliberation [dos senadores]. We understand that this is possible. There is no established deadline – there is an omission in the regulations – for the commission to meet and deliberate about it. And I understand that, when the institution is being put in check, it is up to the president of the House to look after it. Therefore, it is up to President Rodrigo Pacheco to adopt a measure to overcome this impasse. And the measure would be, with the refusal of a CCJ meeting, to transform the plenary into the commission for this deliberation,” Dias told Young pan.