Setúbal’s obstetrics emergency closed due to lack of doctors


ethan john / Flickr

The obstetrics emergency at the Hospital de São Bernardo, in Setúbal, has been closed since 9:00 am this Wednesday, a situation that will last for 24 hours, due to the lack of doctors in this specialty, informed Lusa, a source at the hospital.

“It is a one-off question, due to lack of human resources”, indicated the communication office of the Centro Hospitalar de Setúbal.

After closing by 24-hour period, the obstetrics emergency at the Hospital de São Bernardo should return to normal operation “from 9:00 am on Thursday”, said the same source.

“The Setúbal Hospital Center and the hospitals in the Setúbal Peninsula work together,” said the communication office, explaining that the pregnant women are being referred to the other two hospitals in the region, namely the Garcia de Orta Hospital, in Almada , and the Barreiro Montijo Hospital Center.

As part of the closing of the obstetrics emergency at the Hospital de São Bernardo, the Guidance Center for Urgent Patients (CODU) has already indicated that pregnant women should be attended at the other two hospitals.

On February 17, 2020, the Medical Association warned of the possibility of closing the obstetrics emergency at the Hospital de São Bernardo, due to the departure of five doctors from that service at the end of that year.

“O midwifery service is in danger of disappearing, in terms of urgency and beyond. Of nine doctors, five will leave at the end of the year. The ages of doctors, in general, are very high, they are over 55 years old”, said Daniel Travancinha, from the Sub-Regional Council of Setúbal of the Medical Association.

Daniel Travancinha was speaking to journalists at the end of a meeting with the clinical director of the Hospital de São Bernardo, in which the president of the Medical Association, Miguel Guimarães, also participated, and in which some problems were addressed, such as aggression against doctors and the need expansion of that hospital unit.

According to the Chairman of the Medical Association, “obstetrics and gynecology, if nothing is done in the next three or four years, the external emergency will have to close, and this year [2020] there are already days when the emergency room is closed due to a lack of doctors”, confirmed the president.