Sexual Freedom Midnight


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: ‘High hill .. Cool air .. Small tent .. Lantern in it .. Romance with a stranger ..’ This is his fantasy of a wife telling her husband. But how does the husband react when he finds out that his wife is floating around engaging in such a fantasy? Of course .. ignites on wife. A .. Did I not satisfy you? Did you need another person for that? It is also a stranger .. Edapeda plays. So what happens then? Why did the original wife say such a fantasy? This is the story of the Malayalam short film ‘Freedom’ Midnight ‘. This short fantasy starring Beautiful Anupama Parameswaran is getting the biggest compliments from the audience.


Any wife .. will not admit that her husband is looking at another girl. But how would it feel to know that he was having a sexual chat with another girl while pretending to be sleeping next to her at night and cheating. Want Sexual Freedom With Office Colleague? If you know that. Husband is busy with office work, wife who tidies up all the chores at home .. Going to another girl who is not himself means that Kalikadevi incarnates? Or not? Achcham is such a story .. ‘Freedom @ Midnight’.

When it comes to the story .. Wife Chandra (Anupama Parameswaran) who finds out that her husband wants sexual freedom and is intimate with another girl called ‘Baby’ .. wants to come in reverse gear and tell Buddhi. She explains to her husband that she wants to have sex with a stranger. When will the original himself go out? Why go? What works at home .. How hard is it for everyone at home? How much does it sacrifice for the family? Husband who doesn’t care about things .. gets fired when his wife says ‘Sex with an unknown person’ Anyone .. Are you obsessed with any of my friends coming to Manini? He harasses her with questions and tortures her verbally. Then the wife asks .. ‘I am in a relationship with a stranger which means you are on fire .. why are you already in a relationship with another girl’. Why did you cheat? That. Then comes any answer from the husband. Did the wife ever say OK to the concept of romance with a stranger? Or did he realize that he was living in a false fantasy?

Audience Response:

The makers of ‘Freedom ‌ Midnight’, who said that they have made a short film based on ‘Million Men and Women’, praised the excellent short film. Anupama Parameswaran and Hakeem Shahjahan have been praised for their roles in the short film, which is relevant to the present day. Netizens are praising director RJ Shawn for presenting the concept and story.