‘Smoke Curtain’: Brasil Paralelo launches a documentary that investigates international interests in the Brazilian environment – ​​Prime Time Zone


In an interview with the ‘Morning Show’, Brasil Paralelo stated that the new documentary brings together statements by politicians from the Military Dictatorship to PT governments

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In an interview with Morning Show this Thursday, 29, members of Brazil Parallel revealed why their latest commentary, ‘Smoke Curtain’, which portrays the political issues surrounding the environment in the Brazil, brings interviewees from all political spectrums. “It was a concern from the beginning, because the environment agenda was politicized. It became that thing: Team A says one thing, Team B says another. When we defined this documentary, we already knew that we had to talk to people who had authority in both study and experience. So, you can’t deny a person like Aldo Rebelo, who was Minister of Defense in the government Dilma, editor of the Forest Code, there’s no way not to talk to the guy because he’s on the left. In the same way that you can’t stop talking to Alysson Paulinelli because he was part of the dictatorship, we would miss out on an experience that only that guy has founding Embrapa.”

According to members of Brasil Parallel, the film proposes a debate on the economic and political interest of European countries in the Brazilian environment, such as the France. “France, of the Macron, is not much talked about in the news here, but internationally, one of the biggest pressures he receives is from the country’s farmers. They pressure him not to lose the European Union subsidy. France is the country that receives the most subsidies for agriculture, with the excuse that it is offered to other countries there. If they don’t supply these countries, and we are the ones who compete with them in second place, it becomes more difficult. What we’ve had in recent years is an agreement from European Union like Mercosur which improved the conditions for taxing our agricultural products there. Each one defends his own, understand? Macron is a politician, and he wants to get elected in his country.”

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