Social media viral .. Money money .. Housewife doing business with homemade recipes .. – swati started baking cake in lockdown now she earning money


Business Idea From Home: Everyone who was vacant at home during the lockdown unleashed their talent. Without wasting time .. these days they like themselves

Business Idea From Home: Everyone who was vacant at home during the lockdown discovered their talent. Without wasting time .. Many people have accomplished things during this lockdown that they have not been able to do these days. Mostly during the lock down everyone was doing chores at home .. became helpful to the women at home. Celebrities also stepped into the kitchen. One woman, however, made a variety of dishes for timepass during the lockdown. Now Away has become his business.

Swati Purohit from Jodhpur, Rajasthan loves to cook. She spent most of her time making cakes during the lockdown caused by the corona effect. However, the whole process of making the cake was filmed as a video and uploaded on YouTube. Many netizens who saw the video contacted Swati Purohit. Her cake making process and designs are also loved by many. With this she gradually started getting cake orders. Currently Swati earns mostly with cake orders.

How the cake business started ..
Swati said on this .. “During the lock down I made a beautiful design cake at home. I shared that cake photo with my friends and relatives. However they asked me to make them as the cake was very good. So for the first time I made a cake for money. After that my cake photos were shared and joined by a lot of people. This increased the number of orders coming to me. I never expected this to happen. I started the cake business as the number of orders increased, ”he said.

How the campaign started ..
When Swati started making cakes .. she said that she would put those photos on social media or WhatsApp status. Those who saw those photos were forced to make a cake for themselves. Then I made a cake for my relatives, my friends. They shared photos of that cake. Swati says that my business has gradually grown by sharing the cake photos I made on social media.

Current Income

Initially Swati chose making cakes as a part time. She then created her Instagram and Facebook page. With this many people followed those pages. Cake orders are coming in from 2 to 3 every day. The price of a single cake is between Rs.700 and Rs.1500. The longer Swati theme takes more when making a cake. Currently Swati does this work from home. Swati earns well in this business. These cakes photos are being shared on social media .. Business is also growing. Swati, however, said that she had done her PhD in HR and had never thought about the baking field. But her family supported her in the cake business.