State pays 460 thousand euros a month in lifetime grants


Mario Cruz / Lusa

There are 310 former politicians and former judges who are entitled to receive a lifetime subsidy from the state. The number has dropped a little compared to 2020, but, even so, it represents a monthly expenditure of 460 thousand euros of public money.

The list of the Caixa Geral de Aposentações (CGA) indicates that there are 310 former politicians, including former prime ministers, deputies or mayors, and former Constitutional Court judges receiving state subsidies for life.

The data are released by Público and indicate that these subsidies vary between 883 and 13,607 euros per month. They are in cause expenses of 460 thousand euros per month.

O highest value, precisely from 13.607 euros, is attributed to Rocha Vieira, the last governor of Macau, according to the same source. But the CGA indicates to Público that a “partial reduction” was applied to that amount, without specifying how much.

CGA also reveals that there is 24 beneficiaries who earn more than 3000 to 6000 euros a month, but Público notes that some of them, “by personal initiative”, requested the “suspension of the subsidy”, as was the case with the former minister Faria de Oliveira (3228 euros), from the current political commentator Mendes brands (3311.82 euros), from the Mayor of Sintra Basilio Horta (2819 euros) and the MEP Alvaro Amaro (2317 euros).

However, other ex-politicians such as António Guterres, current secretary-general of the United Nations, who keep grants active. Guterras earns 4138 euros, according to the data cited by Público.

The CGA list indicates that, this year, there is minus four beneficiaries of lifetime grants – the number increased from 227 in 2019 to 231 in 2020 and to 239 in 2021.

In fact, there are 310 former politicians and former judges entitled to this public subsidy, but only 239 people are actually receiving it.

Lifetime grants were created in 1985 and ceased to be awarded in 2009. However, those who had guaranteed the right until that year, continue to receive the stipulated amount.

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