Still “everything is open”, but PAN admits to vote against OE2022 – ZAP


Paulo Cunha / Lusa

The new PAN spokesperson, Inês Sousa Real

Inês Sousa Real, PAN spokesperson, warned that “everything is still open”, but admits that the party may vote against the Government’s proposal.

Asked by journalists about whether the PAN admits to voting against the proposed State Budget for 2022, Inês Sousa Real said that, “at this moment, it’s all open, in other words, taking into account the Government’s stance, everything is open at the moment”, advances Público.

In an interview with Lusa, the PAN spokesperson stressed that “this is not just any Budget” and that “it is important for the Government to be aware that it cannot go to the dialogue table in the same perspective as in previous years ”.

“This Government has a strong responsibility to be open to the opinion of other political forces, not to have its back turned and don’t do what you did in 2021 which was to present a Budget practically only for the PS, therefore, it had no consideration or mirror on the part of what were the proposals of the other political forces”, he underlined.

For Inês Sousa Real, the next Budget “will lay the foundations of what is a economic recovery for the country, but also necessarily the energy and environmental transition that has to take place, and for that it is necessary to listen to the voices of parties such as those of the PAN”.

“If you don’t, in fact life will be very difficult, because I don’t see a great future for the PS if it doesn’t know how to be closer, more dialoguing with the other opposition forces”, he added.

Despite the warning, the leader said that the PAN and PS or Government have not yet met within the scope of OE2022. Like the communists, the PAN considers that “any negotiation must be preceded by the execution of the measures that were approved in the 2020 and 2021 State Budget”.

On the municipal elections, Inês Sousa Real said that the party will have municipal candidacies in municipalities where they already have “the work done” and refused to present candidates “just to make an appearance”.

“Taking into account what we think has to be a responsible process, from the outset the number will not be much higher than those that we have already presented”, he added.

In the last municipal elections, the PAN achieved representation in 22 councils (26 elements in municipal assemblies and six in parish assemblies) and, in mid-June, the spokesperson indicated that the National Political Commission had already validated 42 candidacies.

The PAN’s candidatures to local authorities will be in its “large majority” autonomous, but there is also three coalitions, in the municipalities of Funchal (with PS, BE, MPT, PDR and Nós, Cidadãos!), Cascais (with PS and Livre) and Aveiro (with PS).

This Monday, the party begins its first parliamentary days, in a mixed model via the Internet and also in person, in the Leiria area, and focusing on the environment and the response to the climate crisis.

Speaking to Lusa, the leader said that the first parliamentary days organized by the PAN “will be very focused on this environmental concern” and will have “a set of interventions over these two days and also training”, with “participation from different specialists working in these areas, from groves, forest management and matters related to the sea”.